1. Gucci

    Volvo V50 - hmmmm

    There's one parked outside looking very pretty - chrome mirrors, two tone leather upholstery - quite smart. Anyone have any experience of these?
  2. Lugy

    Hmmmm, Mercedes Look-a-Like!

    Apparently Kia : Mint Condition - Kia Magentis - Merc-Look-A-Like :confused: I've never mistaken a budget Korean saloon for a Mercedes,or anything else forthat matter!
  3. gina2201

    Hmmmm, sexy CLK Cabriolet....

    ....does look a little like a snow plough but I think I could live with that :o :D :cool: :cool...
  4. Donza

    2008 C-Class. Hmmmm

    Courtesy car is on its way. Have been told its a brand new C-class. All i know is its a diesel thats brand spanking new. I'll have it until i get my E-class sourced by the dealer and replaced. Will take photos and a short review will follow over the weekend. Btw, the new C-class are very...
  5. Howard


    Brown leather anyone
  6. jimmy

    C180K Courtesy Car - Hmmmm

    Took my E320Cdi to MB for an E service today, very helpfull and a pleasant experience so far. (Makes a change from people slagging them off!) Anyway, I got a nearly new C180K Sport saloon as a courtesy car, Hmmm, not very impressed with it. Don't get me wrong, it's better than the usual Corsa...
  7. Howard

    Hmmmm, i feel a possible mod coming on

    I like this and am probably going to do it anyway ..... but ...... What does everyone think of the Avantgarde spec grilles for the pre-facelift W124 , before anyone says, i know it wont be OEM ;) but i can live with it ... I have seen W124's (post-facelift) with the Avantgarde grille but...
  8. Howard

    Hmmmm 19 inch AMG 'rim'

    Looks like it is actually the 'rim' of a split rim , there doesn't appear to be any allen bolts in it , and it looks 'flat' in the picture..... EDIT :- Another one :rolleyes: same picture...
  9. Howard


    Anyone got a car these will fit on?, the guy hasn't put a reserve on them so technically if you win them for £100 its a legally binding contract ! Hope he doesnt notice ! (unless he's one of us !!!) Ditto...
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