1. Herishi

    Cant dyno a merc?? Hmmmmm

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever been told that you can't get an accurate dunno on a merc because of the auto box? Smells a bit fishy to me I’m sorry, but the auto gearbox on the Mercedes do not allow us to get an accurate dyno reading.
  2. E270 Owner

    Hmmmmm nice project maybe .......

    1979 Mercedes W123 250 Factory Stretch Limousine 8 Seater Spares or Repair | eBay
  3. EDZ649


    Can't make my mind up about this one....
  4. Howard

    Hmmmmm :eek:
  5. Howard

    Hmmmmm ... Read the description and then have a peek at the sellers name ! :rolleyes: :D
  6. Howard

    Hmmmmm Unidentified W124 bit .... Don't recognise it ..... :confused: looks like chrome , is it the bit that goes above the rear number plate ? facelift or pre ?
  7. Howard


    A friend has just announced that his neighbour is going to be selling his C36 soon... Don't know anything about it really other than its that weird purpley colour, on an N reg, black leather , average miles etc... Any idea of a ballpark figure ?
  8. esox


    There is a W123 230 coupe for sale local to me in good shape which has captured my interest............ What are they like? I fancy something a little bit different and the retro image/coolness of an old-school "chrome" Merc appeals. Will it feel 20+years old (an eon in car design) or...
  9. Howard

    Hmmmmm .....

    He doesn't know what car its from ...... translates to :- 'I was so drunk when i tore it off i can't remember which car it was .....' And then trying to sell it on, i may be wrong but looks highly...
  10. Howard


    Ok, i know what i want for Christmas...... One of these !!! :eek:
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