1. davethemus

    Middle Lane Hoggers E-petition

    I was driving west-bound on the M-8 last night and I noticed the inside lane was completely empty and in middle lane was car after car doing between 50-60 mph, it got me thinking. All these people must not be aware of the function of the middle lane, it must be ignorance. I thought to myself...
  2. D

    middle lane hoggers!

    I tried to remember some number plates for this forus today but there were sooo many i just over loaded my mind with numbers and letters! I've been mototrway driving a fair bit recently, mostly A11 and A14 and M11 but ive also been far and wide recently on motorbike and car, to...
  3. Satch

    Signs target the motorway hoggers

    PA News 11 October 2004 A new attempt to educate some of Britain's most irritating drivers gets underway today. Two new safety messages will be unveiled on busy motorways urging motorists not to lurk needlessly in the middle lane. To be shown on 30 signs on the M1, M6, M18 and M62 for...
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