1. grumpyoldgit

    £940 for lane hogging.

    About time too. Is this beginning of end for UK's most irritating drivers as 'middle lane hogger' given huge fine - Mirror Online
  2. bob6600

    BBC One now - One show and M/waylane hogging

    As title, talking about the new law coming into force
  3. stevesey

    Google Street View - Lane Hogging

    Just noticed street view pop up on the M4 @ junction 17. Miles of emply left hand lane - but the google chap is sat in the middle lane - interesting to look at the packed lanes behind him and very little in front. And of course whichever location you pick the same car is behind him.
  4. guydewdney

    whats hogging my com port - and IRQ 12 question..

    got a couple of Q's for you pooter gurus.. 1) somthing is hogging all three of my com ports - how do i find out what it is? i have a origin B2 and the first time i connected it it was fine - now it isnt - it cant see it.. I tried installing some touch screen software on the pc (using the com...
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