1. Vintage Racer

    R129 Hardtop Hoist - Anybody used/using one?

    Looking for a Hardtop hoist for my R129 (Pano Roof). Anyone used one of these, or have any other suggestions: Mercedes-Benz SL Removable Hardtop Storage Hoist | The SL Shop I have plenty of headroom in the garage, but not much space for a Hardtop Stand! Cheers Glynn
  2. B

    hoist shuttle for hard top r107 wanted

    I am looking for one of these new or used
  3. J

    Vito 639 Spare wheel hoist

    Hi all, after some help, looking for a new spare wheel hoist for my vito 639, mine seems to be rounded off by previous owner. Thanks Lee
  4. tanuie

    Electric Hoist for Sale

    NEW 500w SCAFFOLD HOIST ELECTRIC LIFTING WINCH 250KG Product Information Lifts 125kg to 11m or full 250kg to 5.5m (using supplied return pulley). Safety features include thermostatic overload cut-out, auto switch-off lever and emergency stop switch. Specification: Voltage: 230V...
  5. AnilS

    R129 hard top hoist?

    Does anyone thing this is a genuine item? Mercedes R129 SL hard top hoisting frame with pulleys and cable | eBay Thanks;)
  6. S

    R129 roof shuttle / hoist

    I have a near immaculate roof shuttle/hoist that I may have to sell as the friend's garage in which it is being stored will now have a larger car and so I have been 'evicted'! All in full working order and there is only on small scratch (about 5mm long) which was caused by me when I bumped into...
  7. AnilS

    R129 Hoist

    Rare item; Mercedes Benz Suttle Hardtop Hoist | eBay
  8. SL300-24

    Hard top Hoist for 107 Sl Wanted

    A long shot I know, but does anyone have one lurking in their garage before I make my own? If so please PM me details etc. Thanks
  9. I

    R129 Panoramic Roof Hoist

    I'm looking to purchase one of these asap. If you have one for sale or know of somewhere I can purchase one then please let me know. Thanks, Tim.
  10. imadoofus

    SL Hoist

    Does anybody have a 'portable' hardtop hoist? I mean one that isn't attached to the garage ceiling. Does such a thing even exist? Somebody's R129 won't fit in his garage, and I'm wondering about alternatives. TIA PJ
  11. BTB 500

    R129 - hard top hoist ... worthwhile?

    I now have a garage with a pitched roof, which would allow me to fit a hard top hoist. Anybody used one of these, are they a good idea??
  12. nickg

    hard top hoist

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-SL129-Hardtop-Lift-SL-129-R129-Hardtoplift_W0QQitemZ8053748836QQcategoryZ72202QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem good product. I've got one. FYI don't bid too high. Even if you don't win you will be offered one by the seller at the same price as the winning bidder.
  13. I

    Hoist for SL500 hard top

    Anybody know if they are any good and if they are where I can get one? Can the roof be left on the hoist or should it be put ontop the rack? All comments gratefully received
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