1. B

    Brake hold feature stopped working

    Anyone had this and or know a fix or possible solution ?
  2. JustIgnore

    SBC Hold unavailable

    Hi. A lot of topics on this matter, but none that could give me a definitive answer. Basically I picked up an E55k yesterday, and whenever I would like to use the SBC Hold feature, it comes with the SBC Hold unavailable. From what I found, it may be a switch at the gear lever, that is...
  3. Z

    A207 E class auto "Hold" on footbrake

    I read in my owners manual about a hold activated by the brake pedal so if you press it twice hard it will hold like a hand brake so that you can take your foot off the brake pedal without putting it in neutral. Say when you are at traffic lights. Is this an option and does anyone have...
  4. lfckeeper

    Using 'hold' new pads and disc

    Quick question, should I avoid using the 'hold' function with new pads and discs until they're bedded in? 2007 CLS 320
  5. S

    I know G class hold their value quite well, but really?

  6. erdnase

    Brake Hold

    I've tried multiple times to get Brake Hold to work but nothing happens. How far are and fast are you meant to press down on the brake.
  7. MD5

    SBC Brake hold query

    Yesterday, I started the car after a local journey, pulled out of a side street into crawling traffic and realised the SBC/Brake Hold function had engaged itself, something I rarely use, unless I had inadvertently done so on this occasion. The brakes were only applied lightly, bringing the car...
  8. F

    Hold ups on A16 France.

    Was told of long delays on A16 before entering Belgium, today. Roadworks on A16 but police redirecting traffic off A16 for vehicle/passport checks. I'm off tomorrow to Germany, so will use the coast road via Bray Dunes to Adinkerke & hopefully avoid the jams.
  9. D

    Eco stop / start and hold function - SLK

    The ECO system has stopped working in my 4 year old SLK (including the hold function for the brakes), before I spend a fortune on a diagnostic (Is £120 normal for this at a dealer? This is my first MB) can anyone suggest anything I can check myself? Thank you Daniele
  10. F

    Lowering on hold.

    Today my Clk 240 w209 (2004) Advantage was to have lowering springs fitted (35mm drop) but the work has been put back for a week. I'm now thinking 'should I have up rated shockers fitted' at the same time or will the springs work ok with the original shockers. I have already purchased the H&R...
  11. P

    Will my battery hold out

    Off to Brasilia for 5 weeks in January. About to book parking long stay at Heathrow itself but do you think my W204 2011 reg C180 battery will still be alive when I get he. Worth investing in a starter pack?
  12. t-dawg1

    W211 Hold Function Fault

    My Hold function does not work on my car for some reason and after plugging my iCarsoft scanner I found this code,can someone please guide me on what this actually means? Thankyou
  13. Z

    clips that hold plastic trim on roof

    Hi can anybody tell me if you can buy the plastic clips that hold the painted plastic strips that are on the roof of the W221 a couple of mine are broken ,has anybody got the part number,is there anywhere I can get them online,as going into the temple of mercedes main dealer and asking for a few...
  14. Crazyfool

    Brake Hold

    I can't for the life of me get the hold system to work without bringing the car to a halt then quickly releasing the brake and reapplying. Any ideas how I get it to work in one motion...slowing to a halt then the system applying itself?
  15. mickday

    Now have SBC Hold not sure how, very strange!

    I had my car connected to Star on Saturday to do the tank gallons remaining mod, which now displays in IC fine! I went out for a drive this afternoon and for some very strange reason my car now has SBC Hold, I know for sure that this has not been available before :confused: Is this...
  16. The _Don

    Mercedes AMG-C63

  17. amiller81

    "HOLD" brake fuction

    Anyone know if this feature is standard on the 2010 10 C63?
  18. grumpyoldgit

    10 used cars that will hold their value in 2014.

    Taken from confused dot com. Rather surprising that BMW don't feature in their top ten, considering the number of rival German cars listed.
  19. I

    SBC hold

    I saw someone in the daily mail the other day in trouble for drinking a slushie at the lights and looked up whether having the handbrake on would have prevented it being an offence. Don't know why but I always thought having the handbrake on at lights allowed you to get away with due care...
  20. whitenemesis

    Buckle Up and Hold Tightly ...

    Totally incredible, 8:54 will make you jump! :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]qCgPfOmgkIw[/YOUTUBE HD]
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