1. MikeInWimbledon

    Loading a bike Alustyle holder onto Roof bars.

    OK, I know there's always a knack to these things but.... I find it awkward to load lightweight carbon bikes on Alustyle holders onto MB roof bars on my own (i.e. without someone else lending a hand). Am I missing a trick? They're fine to load with one person taking the weight, and...
  2. R

    Shorter number plate holder for W204?

    Hi all, Is there such a thing as a shorter front number plate holder for the W204 coupe? Standard one being circa 20" long. Looking for one about 16" to accommodate a shortened plate. Anybody know where I could get one? Cheers
  3. Abcan

    Oil holder

    Just received this from eBay. It's good quality for £3.
  4. A

    Number plate holder

    Never liked the plate just stuck on the back so got a holder for it. Think it looks a bit neater than having it plain. Just need a new plate and it's done. Ben :thumb:
  5. HorseandJockey

    W222 Cup Holder

    Does anyone have a W222 Cup holder available please? Thanks
  6. developer

    Numberplate Holder Suggestions S212.

    I have a Wurth rear numberplate holder but have always thought it "heavy" looking: On the bare body I have these 4 raised fixings - any suggestions for a neater way to mount the numberplate, but without screws showing - can you provide a photo with your solution please?
  7. G

    Glasses Holder in place of a Roof Grab Handle - W240 Grey

    Bought myself a glasses holder, that installs in place of a driver's grab handle. Unfortunately, the mounting clips are different for the W204 and W169: So it is now for sale. New, grey, with nice soft rubber lining. Might fit other models, but is for W204. This is an aftermarket...
  8. Fudger

    How to remove drinks holder insert

    Folks, this is for only the highly technical amongst you :) How the hell do I get this insert out?

    Pulley holder

    Want to but a pulley holder. Something similar as in picture etc https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0210/3404/products/A1099Web_1024x1024.jpg?v=1369763546
  10. Timster

    S211 / W211 Front Cup Holder - Great Condition

    Hi. I'm selling my S211 so no longer need the cup holder. It's the one that goes in the insert in front of the armrest. Pops up when opened. OEM part. £40 ONO Cheers. Tim.
  11. E

    W209 CLK Dash Cup Holder

    I've been reading through this forum ever since I decided to get a CLK. Fortunately, I found one that bought last week, a 240 Avantgarde, which I'm absolutely loving...except for one minor issue: the in-dash retractable cup holder won't push back [emoji22]. I've tried carefully pushing and...
  12. motodrb

    E Class W212 mobile phone holder

    Hi All, what is everyone using? Used to have RAM windscreen holder but its big and obstructing the view a bit. Now tried cheap air vent one but it started scratching the silver paint :wallbash:
  13. T

    CLS Twin Cup Holder, help.

    I have a W219 CLS with the standard lift up flap cubby hole in the centre console and no cup holder. My question is can the twin cup holder be directly fitted or do I need the complete centre console?
  14. David404

    Mobile Phone Holder -W211 2009my

    Hi All thought I'd post this as a newbie to MB and the W211 this confused me a little as initially I didn't know what I was looking for and the connections I had disnt look like the images I was seeing on the web. Got new (to me) 2009 year W211 that had factory fit pre wiring for mobile...
  15. mr tibbs

    Wanted.... Cup holder S 211

    As in the title, I am looking for a cupholder to fit our S211 please. Anyone able to help out? Regards Keith
  16. C

    VITO cup holder search

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the site, but hope you can help me. I've just ordered a new Vito automatic with the captain seats but one of the options I wasn't able to order was the centre console cup holders.. The dealer said this wasn't available to him as a factory extra but I have seen it on...
  17. T

    CLS Cup Holder

    Can anyone tell me if the multi fit cup holder for an E-Class/CLS is handed. As all the pictures I've seen indicate its going to be on me lap, lol.
  18. F

    Off side door mirror loose in holder.

    I have an 03 E320 & am having a problem with my door mirror. After parking on the road I returned to the car to find the drivers' side mirror hanging loose from the surround, just supported by the wiring. Probably been clipped but no obvious damage. There are 2 curved metal clips on the...
  19. jogar1971

    Sunglass holder for clc coupe

    Hi all Im new here just about to pick up our first MB which we chose the lovely CLC Coupe 1.8 Kompressor 2009 but i cant seem to find a link anywhere where i can buy a sunglass holder. Can anyone help me at all. Cheers
  20. H

    CLC 200 CDi Sport - Fuse Holder Spare Part

    I have been having trouble with the main fuse box located in the dashboard. The A/C fan has an intermittent issue with no power to the whole unit, on reseating the 15A fuse power was restored, however the issue returned after a few days and this process repeated. I have obviously tried...
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