1. N

    7G+ gearbox holding gears

    Hi guys Sorry for the very long post but I'm hoping someone can help me out with gearbox issues I am having. This all started a few months ago when I sent my w212 e250 into a Mercedes specialist for a service and automatic gearbox fluid change. I had previously done some research into the...
  2. whitenemesis

    Collinite 915 Holding Up Well..

    6 months since last applied and still beading !! :thumb:
  3. M

    Holding Value

    I have been looking at the C63 so tempted to buy one but not yet. But one question I have is how come the drop in value, even on used ones is not as much as say the E63 or an S class. How do they command a much higher price even secondhand. I would have thought having a 6.3l engine may have...
  4. CowleyStJames

    No wire clips holding high beam h7 bulbs in

    I have a 60 plate C200 Executive SE Cdi and had to replace a high beam H7 bulb today. There wasn't a sprung wire clip to hold the bulb in place just seems to push in. Both low beam bulbs have a spring clip but neither of my highs. Is that correct or have mine gone missing? Nothing mentioned...
  5. S

    W211 e220 - holding onto gears when cold normal?

    Hi guys I've had my W211 E220 (2008) for a few weeks now and have noticed first thing in the morning when cold the car stays in lower gears longer before shifting, once it's warmed up it upshifts quicker and also feels a bit smoother, is this normal? My first automatic car so have nothing to...
  6. S

    Top suspension spring holding cap broken - what to do?

    When I started driving I noticed that every 10 seconds the car was making a noise similar to the noise of not released handbrake and at that point I felt that the car was shaking slightly. So after about 500 meters I stopped and checked the car and noticed that it the front driver's side is...
  7. C

    2003 W168 A210 Auto - gear holding in gear

    Hi guy, got a problem with my auto box on my 2003 A210 auto. The gearchange up from 2 to 3 holds in 2nd for a 3-4 secs before changing up to 3rd. Is this fixable with a gearbox oil change or is it unfixable? I'm told it may have an ecu, so could the ecu be at fault? Damaged gearbox? To add...
  8. Wagon

    C43 not downchanging in S mode

    As the title really , rarely use it in S and for some reason decided to do so on Sunday , after a spirited bootfull it decided it didn't want to downchange from 4th until stationary. Just went out to try and replicate it , still does it in S , not in W. If when its holding 4th I switch to W...
  9. Z

    battery not holding charge

    Hi all as some of you know i recently purchased a used 2003 e320 av cdi. from private dealer. Now, day after i got it, the right wing mirror indicator stopped working and was informed of this with a malfunction on the display...no biggie I thought £30 will get me replacment led indicator. Then...
  10. T

    ml handbreak not holding

    my handbreak on my ml270 is not holding and has popped of the two cable ends which hook onto the assembley going to the pedal brake(single cable).can and how do i adjust the handbreak to bite.do i need special tools? cheers in anticipation
  11. D

    w123 240D: Squeeling sound when pressing and holding clutch

    ...and the engine goes to a lower idle. When i release the clutch, the sound goes away, and engine idle is back to normal. I'v used the car daily for a while. Any ideas what this is? Thx, davelarue
  12. trapperjohn

    124s still holding their value. 200K+ on this one.

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  13. N

    Holding in 2nd Gear when engine/gearbox is cold?

    Hi guys, My w210 E36 is behaving as the title says, it holds onto 2nd gear and refuse to change up unless reving to high revs like 4-5k when the engine/gearbox is cold (usually first thing in the morning), it only seems to do that a couple of times then the gear box return to normal, i.e...
  14. R

    C250 auto holding 2nd gear

    Just wondered if anyone has had this before. The car has done it occasionly since i've had it but it seems to be getting worse. Sometimes on hard acceleration, especially after a cold start and going uphill, it will hold 2nd gear. It will accelerate through 1st and 2nd but wont change to 3rd...
  15. maestegman

    Return of holding deposit

    Advice please. I've paid a £500 deposit via credit card on an E270. However, I've just stumbled across an E320 with a far better spec, with similar mileage, for the same cash. 1. Is the E320 CDI Elegance a better car than the E270 CDI Elegance? 2. Is there any way of getting my deposit...
  16. fabes

    Dealer advice - holding onto stock

    Hi there Looking for a little dealer insight if anyone is around this morning A main dealer (non Mercedes) has had a 4 year old £10k car on his forecourt for nearly 6 months now. He has dropped it to a little under £9k a month ago At what stage is he likely to give up on this and move...
  17. Tan

    Holding deposit

    Hi I have a bit of an issue, we put a holding deposit on a Volvo XC90 at a main dealer and were due to go and view it. However, we have decided to not go ahead with the purchase, the reason being we don't like the colour. In the initial pics that the dealer sent the car looked silver but we...
  18. J

    202 ,250td not holding charge

    could any one help,my c250td,Ihave fitted new battery about six mounths ago,the car goes great when used every day,but left for a couple days the battery is dead,thanks john
  19. C

    Not holding charge

    After a bit of help for my friends Astra, The problems are as follows; Car wouldn’t start called the AA out to it and they said my alternator had broke Had new 1 fitted and after about a week it failed to start again,called out the AA and they said it was a loose connection from the...
  20. kop-al-74

    Comand not holding memory?.......

    Not sure if this is a fault or not but it's bloody annoying.Whenever i turn my car off and lock it,on my return to the car and start it up,the radio for some reason always comes on with either kiss100 or sometimes classic fm,never what i had been listening to when i switched it off.It could have...
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