1. R

    8 Holes / 15 Holes - In smoke silver ?

    Hello, Has anyone wet painted a set in this finish ? I have been at my cousins unit - and a guy asked the question ... He has been refurbishing the remainder of his stock of 15 and 8 hole Merc alloys. I would love to see any pictures of "different" colours, used on these styles of...
  2. Z

    What are these holes for

    Hi Guys, on my ML320 i have 2 slots on the floor on the drivers side, Does anyone know what they are used for .. carpet retention?? Regards Rich
  3. M

    16 inch 8 holes

    also after some 16 inch 8 holes. thanks
  4. poormansporsche

    Cutting new holes in radio surround - any tips ?

    Afternoon all, Im retrofitting heated seats and need to cut some holes for the switches - any tips as what to use / how best to do it as im dangerous with a dremmel ! cheers Brett P.s - I cant just buy another surround with the holes cut as ive already converted to double din and...
  5. N

    W202 W210 Removing black palstic headrest 'holes' on top of seat back

    I'm swapping over the cushions on my driver seat to another working frame, mine no longer adjusts forward to make the backrest more vertical. Does anyone know how to get the 2 black plastic things the steel headrest prongs sink into off the top of the seat backrest in a 202? I believe it's...
  6. manofgresley

    Bulkhead thgrough holes

    Hi All. I have a CLK 320 (2001) I need to run extra cables from the cabin through the bulkhead and into the engine bay, to save me time and stress has anyone ever done this, if yes can they advise me the best /easiest place to do it.
  7. E

    DIY repair of Black MB Tex seats and door panels with MAJOR rips & holes (2007 W

    I'm looking for a DIY guide on how to fix holes and rips in black MB Tex seats on a 2007 W203 that's been neglected for way too long . I've been searching a lot and found DIY guides that deal with only minor rips & holes, not big issues like these seats show, as you see in the included pictures...
  8. G

    CLK 200 Roof Alarm sounding going over Pot Holes

    Hi All ..got a problem with my wifes roof on a 2005 CLK W209 in that when it goes over a pot hole especially on the left side the warning light comes on the dash to say the roof is in operation, meaning you have to stp put the roof through a partial open and reclose it ! Ive been to a Merc...
  9. gbjeppm

    Best way to fill tow bar holes in plastic bumper

    All Can anybody give me advice/approach to fill two 3/4 cm round holes in my rear bumper on the SEC. They were cut originally for tow bar and electrics, and are now surplus to requirements, and I would like to fill them myself. The car will need paint in lots of places later, so don't...
  10. trapperjohn

    Forward Drain Holes C203

    So gave the C270 a wash off this morning and I have a "well" of water collected near the N/S windscreen wiper. I guess somewhere there is a drain hole down at lower body level which needs a judicial poke. I'm used to the "in you face" simplicity of a 124 drain holes not covert stuff on this...
  11. poormansporsche

    18" 8 Holes

    yes please Mercedes 18" and tyres 225 40 18 | eBay
  12. Gollom

    Rubber bungs for screw holes

    Going to take the cycle rack off the motorhome and will need something to put in the screw holes that are left. Not sure what to search for on e-bay? Better still, anybody got something suitable hanging around they can post? Only need about 12 Ta
  13. D

    W203 C200K Coupe - where's the drain holes?

    Hi all Noticed that the rear corners of the bonnet what meet the windscreen wipers rest are crudded up with leaves, moss and the likes. Can see the passenger side one and been trying to poke various wires to clear the holes after a quick hoover of what I can get to. No luck so far - are the...
  14. O

    juddering over small holes

    can any one offer advice?mb avantgarde estate 240..2002...last set of tyres although worn perfectly wore out in less than three months,tracking and laser alignment was perfect,judders over small holes in road,suspension seems ok,no broken springs no leaking shocks....very skittish in very wet...
  15. H

    R129 15 holes

    If anyone has a set of the 16" r129 8 holes I'd be interested. With or without tyres, but ideally without! Thanks in advance!
  16. poormansporsche

    Boring out speakers holes on rear bulkhead ? Bad idea ?

    on a W202. I was thinking of chopping the centre bit of metal out between the 2 rear speaker holes in the rear bulkhead to allow fitting of some 6 x 9's or the like. is this likely to bugger up the structual integrity or anything - would a metal support need to be bolted on or anything ...
  17. jamesfuller

    Rust holes

    I was doing some random searching of cars and vans for sale and this was one of them!
  18. H

    Has anyone got R129 8 holes on their w124?

    I'm thinking of getting a set for my s124- ideally in the polished finish as they are for summer use only. Has anyone done this and noticed much difference in ride quality over the 15"? Also, are there any pics? Or some for sale for that matter!
  19. Bambla

    I hate pot holes

    Was out with my 12 week old daughter today on a shopping trip while the wife stayed home but unfortunately on the way home I hit a big pot hole on the M25 junction 5. A few mins later I could hear the flat tyre on the road and then the tyre warning light came on, luckily I got to hard shoulder...
  20. shanksy

    W124 8 Holes

    Does anyone know what max size the standard 8 hole alloys for W124 coupes come in ? Sure mine are 15", someone was commenting the other day on a set of 16's, was wondering if they ever went up to a 17? I'd love to fill my arches a bit more whilst keeping the original look.
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