1. F

    Holiday in Czech republic

    End of May, I am taking my E320 petrol on holiday to the Czech Republic,about 30 miles from the German border. I want to visit Pilsen & Dresden & think Prague will be too far for a day trip.Any advice on visiting these cities appreciated. Any other towns/places you can recommend, plus any route...
  2. RyanMuller

    Holiday to Italy

    Thought I'd pop in! Many many 50 year old men in the showrooms with 20 year old girlfriend. Fair play to them! PS, that's not me in the picture
  3. Gollom

    Holiday homes in Orlando/Kissemmee

    Do I recall someone saying that have an apartment/villa which they rent out? Looking for 10 days in October - 2 people - as part of suzyCute's 50th (shhhhhhhh!)

    CLC Resort, Free Holiday?

    Hi All, SWMBO got a call today...few questions, are you a homeowner, income etc then the ''you have won a free holiday'' jargon after she entered a prize draw:rolleyes: Anyway the company is CLC resorts, Mr Google tells me its a legit company but timeshare points based scam were they get you...
  5. Dogbreath

    Mexico holiday.. Where to go ?

    Would like a bit of advice with this chaps, it's our 30th wed anniversary next year and I was thinking of booking for Mexico as we have never been there! Don't really want to be confined to a all contained hotel resort as we like to have a walk out on a evening into bars and restaurants! So...
  6. Fudger

    The perfect holiday wagon?

    An E63 loaded for a few days in Devon. Is there a better AMG for the task? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  7. E

    FRIDAY Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!

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  8. brucemillar

    Of on holiday.

    FRONT PAGE Devinder Singh. Metropolitan Police Heathrow parking service boss 'used customers luxury cars as his own' TOM MARSHALL The boss of a Heathrow airport parking service has admitted driving around in a £60,000 Range Rover while the owner was on holiday. Devinder Singh, 30...
  9. E

    Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!!

    Triple QX Syn Plus 5W-40 fully synthetic motor oil is blended in the UK with the highest quality base stocks and advance additive technology. Benefits: -Ultimate oil for high-performance engines -Low drag which means more power and lower fuel consumption -Reduced need for top-up through...
  10. P

    Luxury 1 week holiday at Gleneagles.

    Hi, a friend of mine has booked and paid £4'200 for 7 days in a luxury lodge st gleneagles. The lodge sleeps up to 6 people and includes 1 round of golf for 1 person. They have had a last minute emergency so can't go and we are trying to sell it on rather than it going to waste. She is looking...
  11. Swiftie

    Sieglinda near our holiday home

    Here is Sieglinde, our 315 Sprinter-based AutoSleepers motorhome: That's our dog, Alfie, in front. The name was chosen by my friend Linda when I hosted Linda and her husband, John on a cycle tour round the north west coast of Scotland.
  12. E

    Bank Holiday Sale 2016!

    Bank Holiday Sale! :bannana: EndsTonight Only £9.99 Buy One Get One Free
  13. st13phil

    Man films entire holiday in "selfie" mode

    I couldn't help but laugh at this one: Irish dad films Las Vegas holiday of lifetime on GoPro but realises too late camera was in selfie mode
  14. D

    Holiday family's car is driven 800 miles while 'parked' by airport firm

    Gatwick airport valet company drove car 800 miles while family are on holiday | Daily Mail Online Mercedes E220 had 7,226 miles on the clock. Read more:
  15. O

    Bank Holiday Weekend cometh........

    ......and it appears that the doors have been unlocked early this year judging by my recent short sojourn into the outside world. Timely reminder to take extra care out there with the precious MB or better still leave at home.
  16. Rashman

    Bluewater meet - bank holiday monday

    Just thought I'd see if anyone is around for a meet tomorrow (BH Monday). I'm thinking bluewater. Looking at afternoon time. Maybe 1pm ish? Weather is looking good for tomorrow but I'll keep an eye on it. :thumb:
  17. Piff

    Things to do around York

    Thinking of taking a short holiday in May in or near York. Probably renting a cottage or similar. Haven't stayed in the area for about 40 years so looking for pointers - things to see, things to do, roads to drive, places to eat, etc
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    Suggestions for Amalfi Coast holiday?

    We've fancied the Amalfi Coast for a while, and 2015 could be the year we go. Our default for European holidays is to drive, but given the distance we would consider flying (maybe to Naples?) and hiring a car. Suggestions for travel, nice family-friendly hotels, and best placed...
  19. ChrisA

    Favourite Holiday destination

    Let's see who's been where and how they rated it........ Penang - Casuarina Beach Hotel (New Hotel now built after Tsunami destroyed it) Fantastic place, great food and beautiful beaches :thumb:
  20. flango

    March Holiday

    OK thought I would seek the panels input on this one Want to take the family away over Easter only 3 of us daughter aged 22. Bit of a treat for her as she has moved to a very demanding job so could do with a break Need somewhere hot 25 degrees minimum,main objective is just to chill plenty of...
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