1. Darrell

    Summer holidays

    I love a summer holiday so I'd love to hear where everyone is off to this summer. And your reasons for going to that particular place. I'll start. I'm going to Skiathos tomorrow, on my own!! for a quick week and then for 5 weeks with my wife and daughter during the school holidays.
  2. nickjonesn4

    E55k on his holidays

    Having a great time in sunny Spain. Asturias/Picos de L'Europa is full of spectacular driving opportunities.
  3. P

    A few jobs after holidays

    Trusting all had a grear new year evening and the headaches are not too bad today? For us, Christmas and New Year over, 1300 miles completed and time for another service - 260k km on the W124 300D-24v now and a few extras due to be done. A superb car for the trip up to the North East of...
  4. flango

    Why do critical components always fail close to holidays ?

    Came home this afternoon and house was freezing a quick inspection of the heating revealed no power all displays dead. Now we often get a lot of power spikes so thought the fuse must have popped, changed the fuse, panel back into life all seems well until 30 minutes later when the radiators...
  5. LTD

    Something to waste your time over the holidays

    Bored ... First-Person Tetris :D
  6. SmartMAC

    Going on Holidays. Roof Bars for C Coupe with Glass Roof fitted. Pics Inside.

    After some deliberation, I could not justify spending £225 for the Mercedes Bars so I went the Thule option to match the roof box I already own. The bars came with locking keys to match the thule roof box (one key system, I think they call it). First impressions are that is a quality piece of...
  7. grober

    Holidays in Scotland

    Let this be a salutary lesson for those thinking of holidaying North of Hadrian's wall. That's even if you have "Billy Elliot" as your guide?---The Eagle;)[YOUTUBE HD]diY-ccvdcUk&playnext=1&list=PL3AC7818C56EF256F[/YOUTUBE HD]
  8. JumboBeef

    Action holidays!

    Am I the only one? I cannot stand beach holidays: lying on a beach for more than 10 minutes drives me nuts (and do people really still lie in the sun for hour after hour? :eek: ) My perfect holiday is where are there lots of things to do and to see. Hire a car and drive, visit cities...
  9. scumbag

    Happy Holidays.....

    Ah......stuff that. Merry Christmas to one and all. I am offline until the next decade is in full swing. For the boringly anoraky types the Trollmobile will be in the UK from 0700 in the morning somewhere on the south coast, it will be heading eastish, then northish, the even more...
  10. columb

    Where do you book cheap holidays?

    Hi, We have decided to go away for a week somewhere and the only week free which we have is 03/11-09/11. We'd like to go to Gran Canaria as that's the only warm place in Europe during that time :) So, where do you book cheap holidays? I'm looking to spend less than 350-400 pp AI, 4*. Any info...
  11. D

    Summer to arrive in time for school holidays

    Enjoy this week before it gone. It will last only 3 days. :bannana: Motor show this week at ExCel. Lovely legs
  12. Howard

    Kia Bashing and Holidays

    Well gang , I am back from my hols , a sunny week in Southern Spain , sitting by the pool , drinking beer and BBQing ! :rock: Hired a pretty much brand new Kia Picanta , and within an hour of picking it up had stacked it :crazy: .... damn the pillars in the covered parking at the Eroski...
  13. Swiss Toni

    Merry Christmas! (Happy Holidays from MBUSA) :) and for those who have lists for Santa... :)
  14. timskemp

    bank holidays

    means drives out and fish and chips! Here's three of the kiddies I didn't bring to Harrogate!
  15. portzy


    Hello, I've been away - now I'm back - I had a go in Scumbags AMG before I went :bannana: - now I want one! - can I afford one? - the tears begin to roll - should have stayed on holiday - far away from the dealers bright lights. Portzy.
  16. bobrooney


    Came back from holiday yesterday, me and my girlfriend went to Lagos, Portugal for one week. We stayed at the Hotel Tivoli Lagos which was wonderful and the staff were brilliant. Lagos itself was beautiful, a place for the couples or older people to go to if you just want to unwind and relax...
  17. D

    Easter Holidays

    Easter is almost here, so... What are we all going to at home? Me? Eurotunnel to Frankfurt for 5 days to see some family friends. Wife and child in tow. Taking the C230K so will see how it **really** performs. I managed to locate our friend's house using...
  18. janner

    Last minute holidays

    Wifey's not been too well for the past few months but she is now looking much better so I was thinking of taking her on a quick holiday next week. 7 days, somewhere in the Med, shortish flight. Has anyone ever done one of those last minute deals where you don't know which resort you'll be...
  19. Spinal


    Greetings! Although most of you didn't notice, I went on holiday for 3 weeks. When I cam back, I was told that my car had a "great battery"... upon enquiring how they knew, I was told my cars alarm went off for an "infinite amount of time"... Now my questions are... - Is it normal that the...
  20. robert.farmer

    caravan holidays

    I am wondering if any member has had a holiday in a mobile home and,if so would they do it again,i'm asking because i have one and am thinking of advertising it on the net if that is worth doing, your experiences, if any would be appreciated.
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