1. marc777

    Yahoo homepage - personals

    Our yahoo homepage lists all all sorts of site categories that can be accessed from cars to travel. I've noticed however that the "Personals" category in the list is in purple, while the rest are in blue - and so to anyone using the computer it looks as oif the last site visited was the...
  2. kikkthecat


    I'm hoping one of you IT gurus out there can help me here. I've been on nights and a family member has been using my PC, and now I find my homepage has been reset to something called any-find. I've been to internet options and changed it... several times now, I've also cleaned out the cookies...
  3. marc777

    about:blank on homepage

    Good idea for a new forum - keeps the IT quesions in one place. So here's one for you. Anyone know why my home page refuses to save in Internet Explorer and each time I fire it up I get "about:blank", with the page displaying an index of website I might care to visit search. Clearly I have...
  4. Ian B Walker

    ot. Homepage creation?

    I would like to have my own website where I could send emails, host my own pictures etc. I dont have a clue how to go about it and what costs are involved. I am rather hopeing that someone out there will shove me in the right direction. Thanks, Ian
  5. C

    OT - resetting of homepage in IE, mshp.dll

    Anyone else suffering from this $**@{~#? annoying IE homepage hijacker that seems to be spreading everywhere? I'm really miffed I'll tell you! :mad: It constantly resets your homepage to some poxy search page, namely res://mshp.dll/index.html#22776 and is extremely annoying...
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