1. whitenemesis

    McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems

    This could be interesting.. McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems - BBC Sport
  2. grober

    G Wagon for the price of a Honda Accord.

    Don't know if this has been posted before but details a guy who gentryfies ex military trucks in the USA-- your own custom built G wagen [Geländewagen] [YOUTUBE HD]SC604Eta2b4[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. T

    2010 Honda Jazz 1.4i Vtec I-Shift Auto 38K Red

    Our Inherited Honda Jazz Has to go now with the arrival of another car its not needed as our "family spare car " which has been its duty for last couple of years 2010 Jazz 5 door Auto ( I-shift ) 1.4 Vtec 38,500mls Red its on autotrader currently at £3,850 Honda Jazz 1.4 ES 5dr Good...
  4. N

    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    Hi folks, Here is another video for the A45 drivers (you will be pleased)... This a45 is an animal from start line.
  5. T

    Honda Accord 2.4 Estate - 2004 108k miles

    I am selling my 2004 Honda Accord 2.4 Estate manual as I want to buy the another 2.4 Estate but an auto... 108K miles FSH ,6 speed, Grom Bluetooth installed with usb ports and sat nav doc, just been serviced, new brakes all round, good matching tyres, everything works,xenons, rear parking...
  6. ioweddie

    Got a New Honda! Do you want to see it?

    Not driven it yet though
  7. M

    Honda Stream SE Sport

    Want to save your shiny AMG for Sundays and Best? Need something cheap and reliable to collect half a dozen muddy kids from football practice or ferry that old freezer to the municipal tip without risking your Designo leather? Then what you need is a general purpose Mercedes-saver! This...
  8. R

    Bye bye Benz - Howdy Honda

    After 3 Mercedes it is time to move on for a little while. I know that I will miss the V6, but I'm sure that I'll eventually get used to a Japanese 4 pot.
  9. mat8n

    Honda Goldwing 1500!

    Just listed her on eBay if anyone is interested. HONDA GOLDWING GL1500SE 1995 Anniversary, Candy red, FSH A1 condition | eBay
  10. englishdas

    for the price of a Honda civic...?
  11. ioweddie

    Honda is at it again

    Subject: HONDA IS AT IT AGAIN... This is the most fascinating commercial in a long, long time. One has to wonder at the ingenuity of how this was put together. Trying to figure this one out should drive us all crazy. Click here:
  12. Laters

    Moving on the pastures new (Honda CRV)

    After 9 years of ownership of my C250td its finally time to say goodbye to the Mercedes. In the 9 years its been a superb car, hasn't let me down, has been cheap to run and has done everything asked of it. I never planned to keep it this long originally but somehow I could never find anything...
  13. I

    Ducati or Honda?

    Mid-life crisis approaching I've decided to finally buy a motorbike for fair weather use and the odd road-trip to France. I've always loved the Honda VFR but if you're going to have a weekend toy why not a Ducati :D? I'm thinking 2009ish Honda VFR800 or Ducati 848 for about £5k give or take...
  14. rsvgreg

    2011 Black Honda Civic 2.2CDi 3 DR S GT 50k

    On the off chance anyone fancies one of these I have a nice ex company car, 1 owner/Driver from new. Part Service history (We can't find the early service invoices and they failed to get the book stamped-who does'nt get a company car serviced!) Black 3 door, look like a Type R, goes well MOT'd...
  15. martyp87

    CL AMG & Honda VTX1800

    So my dad got a Honda VTX1800 and sent it off to get converted into a trike. He's had it for two months now and had a little shot of it in an industrial estate tonight and all I can say is wow. Torque is unreal in any gear and it can shift - as you'd expect from a 1.8 with no weight to move...
  16. D

    2002 (52) Honda Accord 2.0 SE Executive (V-Tec) 5 Door in excellent condition.

    Metallic Silver with Black Leather Interior. Second (lady) owner and owned since November 2003. Only 82,000 miles. In excellent condition inside and out. A very high specification reliable executive/family car well looked after by mature non-smoking owner with no pets who treats...
  17. 230K

    Video of stolen Honda Civic in Belfast

    Hi Honda was stolen 4am New years Eve, it was the lads pride and joy, his mum posted on Facebook looking for help in finding it and this video turns up. :crazy::crazy: DHLA - New Years 2014 - YouTube Disgusting, the police drive on by:confused::confused: 230k
  18. sinewave

    Maclaren MP4-12C V BTCC Honda Civic V BSB Honda Fireblade!

    Who won by a mile round Rockingham race circuit dya reckon? :cool:
  19. jediblade

    Honda Jazz 2003 1.4dsi

    I' m selling my wifes 2003 honda jazz, the cars in excellent condition inside and out. It has full honda service history, 1 previous owner and has done 65000 miles. She got over 60mph on her ride to work, the car has a sunroof and air conditioning (quite rare these days) and is metallic...
  20. Stratman

    Sound clip of next year's Honda F1 engine

    Sounds more like a router to me. I think I've fallen out of love with F!. I haven't watched the last half dozen races and can't say I miss it. There are quite a few things wrong with F1 in my opinion, encapsulated by the pit-to-car radio telling drivers to drive more slowly. Artificially...
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