1. grober

    The Honeymoon is over?

    It would appear that Norway's romance with the electric car is coming to an end.Norway has fallen in love with electric cars ? but the affair is coming to an end | Environment | theguardian.com For three months at the end of 2013, the luxury electric sports car the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf...
  2. grober

    Gatsos--the honeymoon is over?

    It would appear that the honeymoon period for motorists where lots of Gatsos round the country were switched off may be over after 24 police forces secured the right to use "speeder " money to pay for their Gatso operations. GATSOS are back | News | Auto Express
  3. jaymanek

    Honeymoon Pics.........

    Took over 500 but here are some interesting ones..
  4. jaymanek

    Guess where im going on Honeymoon Monday?

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7353595.stm yep supposed to be starting our honeymoon on Buenos Aires... I had not been aware of this until i got a call from my travel agent. They say International Airport is still open and they are monitoring the situation... All depends on wind...
  5. S

    Honeymoon Advice!

    I'm due to be getting married at the end of Feb, yay me! :D One job I've got is to sort out the honeymoon. Now, the obervant among you will have spotted that I've only got 6 weeks to do this, erk. We're getting married near the Scottish boarder, so my future wife and I plan on going to...
  6. jaymanek

    Honeymoon Destinations?

    Need some help here guys... no idea where to start.. We get married 20th April 08 so will be heading off the day after or so.. - 2 Weeks ish - Dont really fancy just laying on a beach the whole time, wouldnt mind somewhere with a bit of scenery, places to explore and generally a bit of...
  7. dougal74

    Lake Como for a Honeymoon

    A long story cut short...basically my best mate has had his honeymoon to Maroc (for August) cancelled by the tour operator. He has booked flights to Milan but is struggling to find the right place to stay near Lake Como. He is looking for a self-catering villa/apartment - does anyone have any...
  8. Mozzer

    Honeymoon pussy pic

    Me and the better half tied the knot 17th September and have just come back from a 3 week honeymoon in Kenya and Tanzania :rock: We went on safari in the Masai Mara and this is my favourite photo so far, he was about 4 metres away when I took this !
  9. Mozzer

    Honeymoon help

    I know this is along the same lines as the Top Holiday post but the request for help is a little different. I get married Mid September and so does my fiancee ;) Through travelling a fair bit last year, we have about 100k of BA Airmiles between us and a budget of around £3k on top of that...
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