1. S

    W208 - Convertible Hood Problems

    Hi al, I have a 2000 W208 CLK Cab. For the past couple of years I've had a fairly infrequent issue with my hood. When it happens it is annoying as it's always when you've got a boot full of stuff and opening the trunk / boot with the key manually is a pain. It usually happens when putting...
  2. T

    Convertible Hood.

    Just cleaned and waterproofed soft top.
  3. L

    Hood waterproofing

    Hi, Living in France, I have a 129 sl320, 1998, and when left outside in the rain, the hood leaks above driver's left knee (lhd car). I've tried silicone grease to no effect and today discovered that water is not coming past the seal, but past two screws an inch or so behind it - in other...
  4. rusty55

    R129 Hood Insulation mat

    just ordered a new hood insulation mat as mine is getting flakey from the SL shop. Looked on YouTube looks straight forward is it a age related as the cars 20 years old. Other than a service by my local Indy should be another happy year of ownership as the last mot went with no advisory notes...
  5. A

    R107 SL hood frame.

    I've a few of these, all complete, in poor to average condition. Ideal for parts or resto. I know little about 107s, so fair offers accepted. Otherwise they will be put on Ebay, I think.
  6. B

    Clk 320 2002 convertible - hood problem

    Hi with clk convertible it intermittently, when it hasn't been used for a few days the switch for the hood lights up red. The hood will then not work or Windows and mirrors. If I then use it for a few days the light goes off and everything works again. Checked all fuses. Does anybody know how we...
  7. A

    Reinstall hood vents on C63 507, help!

    Hello, i need help to reinstall hood vents on my 507. Guys tell please, how to glue them with the double-sided tape and silicone? Maybe somebody have a photos, how reinstall it? :dk:
  8. A

    Mercedes trim / upholstery / hood

    I'd be very interested for any help, advice or experience that anyone can share of having a partial or complete re-trim. I have a 124 E320 Cab that needs a hood, headlining and leather. Whilst cost is of course an issue, the most important requirement is that the job is as faithful to the...
  9. Celicasaur

    W124 cabriolet hydraulic hood seals supplier in UK?

    Hi guys, what's the general direction that you guys take when the seals in the soft-top hood rams fail? Do you guys buy new from the dealer, or do you get them rebuilt? If so, where/whom can do the rebuild of the rams in the UK? I've managed to find Top Hydraulics | Rebuilt and Upgraded...
  10. L

    New hood on the 107

    Picked the R107 up this morning after having a new soft top fitted by these people:- Car Hood Warehouse | UK's Leading Manufacturer, Suppler & Fitter of Car Hoods & Soft Tops The fit and finish is just superb and really finishes off all the work I've been doing to the car over the last few...
  11. WG M-B

    R129 hood for sale

    I have an R129 hood for sale black. The window is near perfect and hood in very good condition. Looking for offers around £400 0208 8639233 [email protected] Or by pm Regards Terry
  12. R

    Hood Detail Problem

    Hi Just been sponge washing the hood down on my 2000 clk cab. The previous owner had obv been trying to clean with a jet wash leaving just streaks in the green. Not so bad now i have most of the green washed off but also has now revealed where he had been scrubbing as well, so there are marks...
  13. Charles Morgan

    W208 430 CLK hood issue

    My neighbour's son in law, Lawrence, has a 430 CLK. After lending it to a friend the hood is now stuck closed and he asked me if I knew how to get it working again. Obviously I don't but any inspiration or clues to help- it's a 51 reg so I would have thought prime age for lots of things to...
  14. dog

    Hood movement R129

    The hood on the merc r219 (i am just curious) if is ok or not. When opening the hard top hood or soft it make a loud bang from the latches above the wind screen when unlocking. Which has been greased. When closing the soft top above 6 to 7 inches from the windscreen it drops heavy onto the top...
  15. WDB124066

    Cleaning A124 Hood Liner

    Been playing around with a vacuum steam cleaner, looks promising so far. Although it's hard to get an absolute even finish I can see it's an improvement. After twenty years of grime buildup it just takes time and patience to remove - at least it is possible without having to replace the liner...
  16. M

    W203 2005 Hood star emblem?

    Hi I wonder if some one can help me park my car in Asda car park and when i came back saw some one broke the Bonnet star. Would you guys help me to find Right Part Number for W203 2005 Cdi? not only this he/she Scratch the whole left side with the key right after i spent around 2 hours wash...
  17. A

    CLK hood problem

    Hi to all fellow members having just returned from holiday and leaving my clk with a trusted friend now I have a hood that doesn't work and a boot full Of panels screws plastics etc removed trying to diagnose a fault.:mad: I was told that the pump had burnt out as the switch to operate the hood...
  18. rusty55

    R129 hood picture required to show side panel fitment

    I can any of you good people upload images of the hood sitting against door when up at lower edge please I think mine may be to much of a gap Thanks
  19. C

    Any decent space under the hood?

    Not strictly electronics, but I could do with some ideas for an electrical mounting issue I'm having. I'm replacing the horn on my W204 as I think it sounds a bit naff, but the replacement speaker is about 16x16x16cm. From what I can tell, every inch of space inside the engine bay is taken up...
  20. R

    Bonnet catches

    The bonnet catches on my R129 are playing up, once opened they don't want to close normally. I need to get my hand on to the actual cable and pull each side to manually close the catch, then close the bonnet and hope it latches. Has anyone else had this problem and what fixes are out there?
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