1. Stratman

    No one here affected I hope

    Fire destroys 40 cars in Croydon storage yard I can already hear "Croydon? They'll be all Novas and Saxos Halfords specials", but you never know.
  2. R

    I hope I live to 100...

    ...so long as I am the exception to the rule. Is there too much effort being put into preventing and curing disease etc...and thus the law of unintended consequences comes into play. ie...the increasing world population which is a growing problem for us...but mostly our children. I ask...
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    WN14 SDV - nobody from on here I hope!

    Owner of this silver C250 CDI Coupe, caught today by a friend on Facebook pinning his wife to her chair and swearing at her, bearing in mind the wife has Dementia Then getting angry afterwards, silly man Video of the bloke here also~...
  4. ss201

    W124 illuminated visor loom - hope you're sitting down

    Pal of mine wanted to retro-fit illuminated sun visors in his W124......changed his mind when he priced up the tiny wiring loom at the dealership. £170 to you sir!
  5. Meldrew2

    Hope to see a new member soon.

    Last night in Southampton we got chatting to a chap called Neil who is on the verge of buying a yellow SLK I told him about this forum and how friendly it is, so hopefully we will see him on line soon. I also may have mentioned curry GTG and suggested a nice drive to Glasgow...
  6. B

    Ordered a Merc, I hope I have made the right decisions

    I have always owned run of the mill cars, my last two being Mondeo's but now I have ordered a C200 sport petrol automatic. Decision 1/ I always pay cash and ideally keep cars for around 5 years but Mercedies are doing an offer if the car was bought with finance. I went via a broker but the...
  7. Meldrew2

    Not one of us, I hope...

    Police launch murder probe after widower is 'run down by Mercedes' before car allegedly reversed over him in residential street | Daily Mail Online
  8. P

    SL600 ADS query (not problem - I hope!)

    Hi everyone, Have just taken the plunge and purchased a 1999 SL600 Sport....I am a sucker for punishment and the V12 lure was too strong for me! The history on the car was great, 2 owners only...always main dealer serviced and cherished etc. It is a wonderful machine, the engine is simply a...
  9. PXW

    Hope its no-one on here...

    Looked like a minor prang so I trust no injuries (though it's causing chaos on the A30 through Bagshot this evening!)...a white SLS cosying up with a bollard and one or two other cars around in odd positions :(
  10. A

    Pre-painted any hope of matching?

    I'm trawling the breakers yards for a front bumper and many of them offer to spray to your factory colour for £99 extra. It's a gamble, but what are the odds that Cubanite Silver pre-sprayed in this manner would match a 10 year old car? It's £300+VAT to spray professionally.
  11. tonyc280

    Well hope she's not written off.

    Well my beautiful and battered C280 go's in today for my first claim in 36 years. Hope She's not a write off. £600.00 worth of damage to a car that's not worth more than £1000.00 Any thoughts peep's
  12. T

    Budget first C200 - Hope it's a good one

    Hi, I'm a Mercedes virgin. Had volvo's & saab in the past but this time a lovely C200 Classic estate presented itself at the right time and right price. I am on a very limited fixed income and have tried buying cheap fords and other common makes, but in my price range they are all thrashed...
  13. W

    I hope you are well?

    I seem to be receiving increasing genuine professional emails (not scams) that begin; I hope that you are well? Should I have a medical from my GP to confirm, or is this the new etiquette amongst professional circles? Just curious. ps. I hope you're all well. :)
  14. L

    Hey all, hope will have a nice time here with you great ppl

    Hi , I am new here in this forum.. I am Parker from Leigh. I have bought BMW , 118d M sport, 3 months back, love this car but I have to sell and buy another one with whom I fell in love is Audi , A4 2.0 TDV S-line.. what you say friends...?
  15. S

    Hope You Can Help

    I have a 2004 Mercedes ML270 Auto, on AMG 20" wheels and wondered if anyone has come across or had a similar fault or any ideas as to what it might be. I have not had the ML long and there was a grating noise from the front end, it sounded like the pads required replacing even though the brake...
  16. Charles Morgan

    Hope springs eternal in every human breast

    or one for Mocas? Mercedes 190e - auto For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C376797]
  17. poormansporsche

    I do hope this doesnt belong to someone on here

  18. Y

    Lets hope this is in the right place this time!!!

    Hi all, Help or advice would be greatly appreciated. My 56 plate 109 2.2 Tdi Vito keeps cutting out when cold ( even worse when outside temp drops below freezing) and I try to set off. It starts again immediately with no problem but will not rev above 3500 rpm and then cuts out :wallbash: I'm at...
  19. Howard

    Hope it's true ........ Buried Spitfires

    British plane enthusiast wins right to dig up buried Spitfires in Burma - Telegraph Incredible if it is !
  20. pjs

    Hope this isnt your C-Class coupe in bits

    Spotted today, asked the service manager what the story was. Turns out the car needs a whole new wiring loom and in his words, " badly built" by the factory. Not often he sees them apparently On view to anyone sat in the waiting area.
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