1. C

    C43 fan hoping to contact a previous owner

    Hi there, I'm an MB fan based near loughborough, have two beautiful cars I'm very proud of (that I hope are attached as images?), both c43's, one 1998 and one 1999, my blue saloon was I beleive a former mb press car (I'd love to speak to a former owner I think is on here) and the estate is...
  2. B

    Broken MY2009 W219 CLS wing mirror. Cant find a replacement anywhere. Hoping for Guid

    I lost the off side (drivers) wing mirror last week and i cant find a replacement for love nor money. well less money than NB want for them anyway. Its the late model 2009 and i can find loads of the early type but none for that short run of production before the new model came in I've even...
  3. c180081c

    W203 Water In Drivers Footwell (Hoping to make a definitive guide)

    Hi Guys, As the rain and snow are drawing in I have noticed that my drivers footwell on c180k w203 2004 is filling up with water......All the drains are clear and have blown them out with the airline, and can see the water draining underneath....Please can you guys who have...
  4. H

    W123 200e Auto - bunny hoping

    Help ! My car seems to be bunny hoping and I can't work out why, it's as though it can't find a gear sometimes. I have changed the spark plugs ht leads and ignition coil, the gear box fluid seems to be a correct level. Really need some help or a brilliant mechanic in Manchester area before the...
  5. M

    Hoping to be a new ML owner

    Hi guys, I was hoping that you could help me out. I am looking at buying an ML. I will be using the car daily mainly to work and back which is around 4 miles one way so not massively far and the odd drive up the mway. I am looking for something comfortable, reliable and relatively...
  6. A

    Hoping to join the MB club

    Probably should have said Hi before asking a question but better late than never. Currently have a VW but looking to join the MB club in the near future.... just need to sort out the financing now.
  7. G

    Hoping someone can help me with this problem

    I have a 203 C200 CDI auto which has started to play up for the first couple of minutes after starting from cold. The car starts absolutely fine, goes into drive OK and pulls away as expected except that gear changes are a bit little jerky as you accelerate - not noisy just a bit harsh and...
  8. reflexboy

    Hoping to get to Horndean tomorrow

    Has anyone used the A3 today from Tolworth towards Horndean/Waterlooville? I need to get down there tomorrow morning and would appreciate a 'snow report/road conditions'. TIA
  9. I

    Hoping to contribute regularly...

    Hi All, Hoping to be contributing regularly depending on a decision I have to make between one of three cars. My first thread is on just this subject... Ben
  10. A

    Looking for SL320 - hoping for input

    Having nearly finished bringing mothers 280 back up to something half decent, after years of abuse, I have well and truely been bitten by the bug. Have been looking at 320's for the last few weeks and as it seems like a buyers market I am thinking of taking the plunge. Any input more than...
  11. A

    What are you hoping santa will bring?

    Hello, Did a little bit of Chrismas shopping today, quite enjoyed it. Its our baby's first Christmas so most presents are for her:) (even though she plays with anything) Anyway what are you hoping that Santa will bring you. (both actual and dream land if you wish) I'm a nightmare to buy...
  12. simonl

    Hoping "Dean" has a miserable existance.....

    Well after spending all day Saturday cleaning my car "Dean" obviously felt the car didn't look good enough and personalised it with his name. :mad: :mad: Fortunately, he used some dirty liquid which easily wiped off. Nevertheless, I hope the remainder of his life is woefully dire and that he...
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