1. benjy88

    SL55 rear wheel hopping

    Hi everyone, my sl rear wheels feel like they are hopping while accelerating from standstill if the car starts to wheel spin, have tried searching for possible causes but cannot find anything. Only thing I can think of is the rear tyres need replacing because they have gone hard. Wondered if...
  2. H

    W123 200e auto bunny hopping

    I have a w123 200e Auto and it keeps bunny hopping up hills, had new leads and dis cap fitted but not solved problem any ideas?
  3. H

    Bunny hopping

    Have a w123 200e and am experiencing bunny hopping going up hills my mechanic has had a look and it was all running fine but changed the coil as he thought that maybe the problem. This hadn't fixed the problem any ideas ?
  4. H

    W123 bunny hopping

    Hi there can anyone advise on my w123 200e it starts fine but when I first set off it keep bunny hopping it clears after a few minutes but is very annoying thanks Chris
  5. Danny DeVito

    Why is my poly belt hopping ?

    638 Vito. I've changed the tensioner but the belt is still hopping about. Could it be stretched or some other reason ?
  6. PJH

    Wifey is hopping MAD

    Wifey walked out of the Tesco store in Tiptree on Sunday afternoon, 3:30 ish to find her car's hazard lights flashing. On closer inspection some *** had left her a nice dent below the n/s rear light cluster and a scuffed bumper. No note on windscreen. No witnesses. No CCTV. Anyone had to...
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