1. W4E300

    Acoustic properties of car horns....?

    I'm out in Berlin at the Acoustical Engineering Society conference and one of the 'discussion topics' seems rather minority interest..... I'd have thought 'loud' would have done it......!
  2. R

    Feable 211 Horns No More

    Being bored with being cut up and those last minute left lane squeezers thought I'd do something about those embarrassingly useless standard poot poot horns. Looking around for suitable hooters and where to fit for an unobstructed blast for the unwary ? Behind the grill is the ideal place for...
  3. Whitey

    W202 Horns

    Guys I've just replaced a lazy aerial, so the only thing wrong with my car (touch wood) is one non working and one lazy horn. Where is the best place to source a pair from ? GSF/Euro only show one horn, but I presume I need a high and low frequency set. I don't fancy the 15 year old ones on...
  4. Don Black

    Car Horns

    Hi,looking for car horns to fit 97reg SLK Regards Don

    Fitting twin horns.

    I have purchased a set of RING electromagnetic horns.can anyone advise me on wiring them up to my S210 The instructions ask if it is a positive or negative feed. I do not have a clue :o
  6. W

    where are the horns on my W212 E saloon ?

    would like to fit a louder horn, butI cant find my existing ones . Sounds like they are down on the front nearside ........ anyone help ? ta muchly wonk
  7. N

    W140 S320 - twin horns ?

    Hi all - this should be an easy one for you ;) Last night whilst driving home I had the urge to let another road user know how I felt, with a long press on my horn - oo er !! (for "road user" read inconsiderate, dangerous plank") It was a bit of an anti climax as I only got about a second of a...
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Replacing M-Class horns for those from an E-Class

    The horns in my 2003 ML are embarrassing - "meep meep". Something more like "HONK HONNNK" or "PARP PARRRP" would be much better IMHO!! Got some part numbers (A2035420120 and A0045425620) for horns fitted to ML55 AMG, but they were about £60 from the dealer. Went off the idea fairly rapidly...
  9. PJH

    Aggressive horns HONK HONK

    BBC News Link Jamjar horn survey
  10. Satch


    For some time now been promising myself that I must change the horn on my S211. A small thing really but to me the horn sounds out of character with the car and it just annoys me hugely every time, which is fairly often thanks to a blind crest on small road bridge over a nearby canal. So I...
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