1. R

    It's a horrible world

    sometimes: Soul-searching in Taiwan after four-year-old girl beheaded - BBC News
  2. R

    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    Hello everyone, I've just taken delivery of an E350, overall I'm delighted with it, it's a totally different experience to the C63! But anywhow, I've encountered a very annoying feature on the E350 that is driving me nuts - when I park in awkward spaces I like to open the driver's door just to...
  3. G

    Horrible Scraping Noise

    Hi guys, I have a w221 and every time I start the car and drive whenever I go over a bump I hear a scraping noise from the front end. Once the car reaches 90 degrees and a few miles the noise is no longer there when driving over humps. I'm guessing this is due to some oil or rubber...
  4. Z

    horrible vibration when cornering

    I'm new to this so I hope i do it ok, when going round left hand corners i get a horrible vibration coming through the car i think it is on the right hand side but not quite sure, it all seems ok when going round right hand corners. I hope someone might know what it is and it's not something...
  5. B

    Is it me or is this rather horrible?

    Seems to have been for sale for at least 18 months (it was around when I bought my SL in April 2011), I don't know why, but I think its truly horrible! MCP Motorsport : Sultan of Brunei AMG SL 60
  6. Mblinko

    Horrible number plate

    If you bought this 1991 Mercedes-Benz Sec Series 500 SEC 2DR AUTO 5.0 | eBay you'd have to change the plate :eek:
  7. babyblueCE

    Horrible shaking!!

    Hello all. Its that time again where one fault leads to another and my luck seems to be running out with my C124. I think someone has cursed me motor :(. I was driving the car yesterday as i hadn't done so for about a week and upon start up the car started shaking pretty badly. I took the car...
  8. D

    horrible green stuff on headlights

    hi as in the title my headlights have gathered up green and like a dirty rought texture on the glass i have tryed polish as in .auto glm .mer .t-cut . and it wont come of i can feel its on the out side not on the inside but this makes the car look horrible :( help please cheers dan
  9. christopherwk

    Horrible S210

    Found this: 99T MERCEDES E300 ELEGANCE TD AUT ESTATE LEATHER 7 SEAT on eBay (end time 27-Jan-10 21:01:24 GMT) At least the seller was being honest, only done 77,000 miles!
  10. EDZ649

    Horrible SL!

  11. stwat

    Horrible grinding grating noise

    I parked up at a local shop and left the car on full lock to the left. When i re started the car and selected reverse i got a very nasty grating grinding noise and the car seemed to judder a little At first i thought it was from the gearbox but when i leant forward it sounded more like it was...
  12. H

    C200, W202 horrible noise

    I am new to this forum, I am impressed by the wealth of information it holds. I have a nagging problem with my C200, W202, it has suddenly developed a rather anoying tapping noise. Starting up from cold its not present but then within 3-5 minutes of driving it starts and gets louder then it...
  13. 5

    Horrible 300CE - 2 of Them!

    300CE x 2 Literally Same Car different sellers? Different prices? 1) 300CE 2) 300CE 10 owners and it looks pretty nasty to me!
  14. DR1VER

    Horrible vandilism

    My Dad was just coming out of the Wallasey tunnel yesterday with his friend following (the were both in BMW Z1s as they'd been to a meet). Just as my dads friend came out from the other side of a bridge about 30ft above the road a brick was dropped onto his car. It hit the windscreen and...
  15. S

    what a horrible colour...

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mercedes-Benz-G-Class-1985-Mercedes-Benz-G-Class-280-V6-Custom-Design-Suv_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ31854QQitemZ4634928260QQrdZ1 :shakes head in shame:
  16. I

    Car Running Horrible. Please Help!!!

    Hi all Please can some one help, I drove through quite a big puddle and now my car is running terrible. The thing is i was able to drive the car about all night and it was fine no problems at all. But when i started it in the morning it was running like on 4 cyc. Even when i drove it, it was...
  17. Howard

    Gold Plated Sills - truly horrible !!

    Oh....... My........ God !!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10398&item=4537714933&rd=1 glad i had a light dinner !!
  18. league67

    FM sounds horrible since ...

    FM reception is horrible since replacing audio 10 with comand. Any ideas ?
  19. J

    Horrible racket coming from behind instrument panel

    Hi I have a C Reg 260E and whilst on the M11 going to Stansted on Friday (doing around 70mph) a terrible racket all of a sudden appeared and it seemed like it was coming from behind the instrument panel. It didn't sound as though it was an engine noise, although I can't be sure. The noise...
  20. G4VSQ

    Horrible 500SE handling

    Hi all, I bought a 1990 500SE about 6 weeks ago to replace my nice 260E (still for sale by the way!) The car has 128,000 miles on the clock and seems to have been looked after (main dealer stamps) until about 2 years ago. I viewed the car with a specialist from Watford who helped me to...
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