1. clk320x

    What a horrid sight for his neigbours

    What a horrid thing for his neighbours to have to look at every day :D:D:D:D 2005 MERCEDES BENZ CLS350 BARE BODY SHELL WITH LOGBOOK V5 NOT DAMAGED 2 Keys ECU | eBay
  2. P

    108cdi horrid knocking noise after clutch change.

    108cdi knocking noise from engine bay Hi again all. The saga continues. Got the van back after getting the clutch done and it's spot on but now there is at least one if not more horrid knocking noises when moving that were not there before. The garage can't recreate the noise when the van is...
  3. EDZ649

    Horrid colour W124 Diesel

    Why would anyone contemplate painting an MB this colour? :eek: MERCEDES BENZ ECLASS 250 D (FANTASTIC RUNNER) on eBay (end time 07-Aug-10 20:48:10 BST) And that spoiler :doh:
  4. D


    Best Shots Yet of Mercedes S-Class Facelift :eek: http://www.worldcarfans.com/9080820.008/best-shots-yet-of-mercedes-s-class-facelift http://www.worldcarfans.com/9080820.008/mini1/best-shots-yet-of-mercedes-s-class-facelift
  5. D

    ...Horrid Cars...

    I have been unfortunate enough recently to have come across some of the worst drivers / cars imaginable. Basically, they are the ones who put twinkly yellow lights round their number plates :crazy: or twinkly blue lights round their exhaust :crazy: :crazy: Mainly BMW or nondescript...
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