1. KillerHERTZ

    Rusty Mercedes Horrors

    Following on from the C43 thread, post photos of the finest rusty Mercedes horrors you can find :) Ill start: My 1999 W202 when I took the sideskirts off, (it was 11 years old at the time)
  2. D

    E300 Glow Plug Horrors

    Can`t shift seized in glow plugs on my T Reg, W210 300td. Two already seemed to have stripped the the head threads, but still wont come out. Looks like the head will have to come off now, but I`ll need a workshop manual for that. Apparently MB have recognised this as a problem and offer a repair...
  3. chriswt

    House of Horrors -some proper justice at last!!

    Did anyone see house of horrors last night and witness a rouge tradesman attempt to escape from a pursuing film crew in his new BMW 5 series? As usual the House of Horrors team set up a rouge computer repair tradesman who charged them £380 for a simple job that should have only really...
  4. Satch

    A fresh source of horrors: Pimp My Ride UK

    "Pimp My Ride UK is due to drop on Sunday, July 26 @ 10pm on MTV UK, and is fronted by the one and only Tim Westwood." Oh dear.
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