1. Lennox

    Used GL as the family work horse. Thoughts??

    As the family is still expanding and the wife may be stopping work I'm considering getting a big family wagon. Don't shoot me but I quite like the VW transporters but the wife want a 4x4 and she likes the MLs. However, I can see us needing 7 proper seats on a common basis. The A6 will be the...
  2. rockits

    5 Year Old Daughter Horse Riding Incident Advice

    I thought a few of you might have an opinion or advice around this one so much appreciated if anyone could help us a little. My daughter has been going to horse riding lessons since about October last year so would have been 5 1/2 years old then. She is 6 in May. I have to be honest it wasn't...
  3. developer

    M4 rider falls off the horse in a dry straight line

    What's your theory? miA5qj5ergM
  4. DSM10000

    Suitable car required for dragging a horse box (plus horse!)

    Madam is now extending her outings on Finn (Or Big Bu**er as Woodythewise so rightly calls him:D) to local jump events. It has also been mentioned that attending events further afield is also on the agenda and therefore the 1964 LR S2 is no longer a suitable vehicle, not that it ever really was...
  5. Vilus

    F1 Fans- Horse Power- 8pm Sky Atlantic

    Just noticed an interesting diversion from Top Gear tonight, following the Ferrari teams preparations for the 2014 F1 seasons including how they are adapting to the new regulations. Sky Atlantic 8pm for F1 fans.
  6. BTB 500

    Anybody going to the London International Horse Show at Olympia?

    If you are, keep an eye out for the dog agility finals (on Wed-Sun) which I am judging this year :eek: :eek: Welcome to Olympia Horse Show | Olympia Horse Show | London Horse Show
  7. Charles Morgan

    Flogging dead horse

    I opened the fridge to check my burgers, and they're off I don't really like Tesco burgers, I much prefer my Lidl pony and in a further deepening of the scandal, all supermarkets reported finding Zebra in their barcodes.. (with thanks to the wits on Wine Pages).
  8. tomtoms

    Crashed my Mercedes into a horse!!

    Hi guys. Since crashing my Merc ive got onto Ford (dont hate me please). My current car is a Mondeo ST TDCI but I can say with confidence the next car I buy will be another Merc because I miss mone. Now I currently dont own a Mercedes but I thought I would share my experience with some of you...
  9. developer

    The Touching Story Of The Horse Trapped In The Mud

    All I can say is It's a good job his owner remembered to put her knickers on :eek::thumb:
  10. Apial

    American style ride back from the pub.

    Apparently you can ride a horse whilst over the limit in Montana YouTube - Sober Friend! I don't think that you can in the UK though?
  11. B

    Window Shopping - 2005/06 CLK55 AMG (W209) - As rare as rocking horse sh*t?

    Hi Lads/Ladies, I'm currently in the process of scouring the internet for 2005/2006 CLK55's just to build up an ideal of what I will be faced with when I'm ready to buy one later this year. I think I'm looking in all the right places i.e. Classified here, AutoTrader, Pistonheads, Exchange &...
  12. simon22

    Rolling Road on Friday see how many horse my 57,000 mile clk 200k cab has lost

    As some of you know i pick my clk 2001 200k cabriolet 57,000miles fmbsh up tomorrow (wednesday) its booked for a Rolling Road on Friday, see what horse's it has lost.. any recomendations on what plugs you use (petrol) ngk irriudiums any good.. and anyone had theres chipped tuned ?? anybody else...
  13. C240Sport97

    Learning to ride a horse

    After watching seabiscuit, I have developed an urge to learn to ride a horse. Anyone has any suggestions of a company or stables (preferably in the UK) who run week long courses? I googled and there are so many operators. Thanks.
  14. Chattonmill

    1 Horse Power

    MIL was going past a hunt on Christmas Eve behind two other cars, she heard a bang and looked in her rear view mirror to see a horses belly:eek: The rider had tried to go past her for some reason and the horse had taken fright, gone up in the air and landed on the rear window. Thankfully she...
  15. D

    Speed Camera in Horse Box!

    Watch out - Mad Mullah has found a new way to catch speeders! Aparantly the rules have changed and the police (as oposed to Camera Parternships) can...
  16. Godot

    Human Power & Horse Power

    Given the horrific flooding this Nation has suffered & is suffering, I was reminded of this film I saw a few months ago.:mad: I know not if you have seen it before, but if like me, you are a horse power lover (in the true meaning of the word) the music combines with the images to bring a lump...
  17. F

    Need help choosing a non-merc work horse for dad's business

    Hi All Need some dad works in the property biz and he needs to find a car he can use in the property management side of things... can you help suggest some cars which would meet the following criteria: People carrier - or any vehicle that can fit a double bed Reliable and...
  18. L

    Trojan Horse Dialer

    I recently discovered I have a Trojan Horse Dialer. While it is removed with AVG, it keeps returning which I suppose is the nature of the beast. Trying to trace it, I found it is in C:_RESTORE\TEMP along with a staggering 2000 odd files. When I went to delete these, I got a message 'Access...
  19. Brian WH

    Ultors Trojan Horse??

    My Norton keeps blocking an attempted attack, or possible attack from the following source. It is usually the same name etc. :eek: Remote Address : : 3324 From : ME-ORZY6DH4VKVQ ( ) Can anyone tell me whether this is a genuine attack or something else...
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