1. H

    Horsepower, torque and acceleration

    Hi, I've got a petrol E250 E class estate on order. However, I haven't been able to test drive one of these engines as my local dealership doesn't have one. Merc E250 petrol 211hp/5500 258lb torque 0-60 7.8s Weight 1785. Trans 7sp RWD I also have a Nissan Murano V6 3.5l petrol with the...
  2. The _Don

    PH BLOG: GO WITH THE FLOW Why flow matters more than horsepower or 0-60 willy wagglin

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH Blog: go with the flow
  3. Darrell

    Boat horsepower

    I had a nose around one of the boatyard/storage yards today and some of the boats there are packing some serious horse power. Now, I am no expert but one boat, not huge, was loaded up with 2 x 300hp Mercury engines. This is more power than a Porsche but the boat doesn't go as quick as a...
  4. JasM

    AMG ends horsepower war

    AMG is actively pursing a lower emissions policy for its future cars, the company has confirmed. “The horsepower war is over,” said AMG boss Volker Mornhinweg. “We are going to use other ways to extract better performance, including weight saving, engine optimisation and alternative...
  5. gIzzE

    Horsepower or Torque???

    Really interesting thread on one of the BMW forums, it is an American based forum and some are getting excited about the arrival of a proper diesel at last, they are getting the 335d. Just wondering what people know about hp and torque?? The question is what is more important??
  6. Howard


    OK, a question .... Angela sponsors two horses at the sanctuary , one is a shetland pony called Ben and one is a mahoosive shire horse called Bonny ..... so it got me thinking .... As we all know, cars are measured in horsepower , but one of Bens horsepower is a lot less than one of Bonnys...
  7. Guy


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