1. shanksy

    CLK430 W208 Air Intake Hose Split

    Hi All, Yesterday I tried removing the engine cover for the first time on the CLK and I managed to split the air intake hoses, not realising they were attached. I have duct taped them together but was wondering if it was worth finding replacements or would I be fine to leave as is ? Thanks
  2. S

    Clutch Hose Conection

    Hi, got a 2010 213, struggling to disconnect clutch hose. Anyone got a clue before I break this.
  3. D

    Hose Spec

    Does any one happen to know the hose spec for the section between the rear air strut and aluminium reservoir on a 2006 CLS?
  4. J

    Mystery hose and connector (w638 110 CDi)

    I've just bought a 2002 110 CDi and have noticed a hose hanging down that's not attached to anything. See photos attached - it's about 1/2" thick - I've added green arrows to show where it emerges and then dangles down the front of the engine block. There's also a weird looking electrical...
  5. Zonergem

    R129 500SL - Brake Booster Hose problem - your advice please

    Newly-acquired project car - 1992 129.066 500SL, RHD, M119.960 engine, 113k miles. Trying to remove the airbox assembly for inspection yesterday and even though I tried to be careful I had a mishap.:fail See video https://youtu.be/XmyfiEamCtQ It's the check valve, isn't it? Could...
  6. A

    270 clk cdi top hose

    hello fellow members I have a 55 plate cl 270 cdi & today I noticed a water lea from around the top hose near where it fits onto the radiator but I cannot see if its the rad that's leaking or the top hose, I can see the hose fits to the engine with a standard jubilee clip but at the radiator...
  7. fuzed

    Breather Hose??

    so I was looking over the engine bay and noticed some oil on the back coming from the plastic pipe near the turbo, I'm guessing it is the breather hose? If so what needs to be done to get this sorted out? I've heard there are a few mods about, but struggling to find anything, any help is...
  8. R

    Oily hose under the intake manifold

    Hi What's the function of the hose that goes from the lower crankcase to a t connection between the intake to cylinder 2 and 3? The bottom connection to the crankcase is leaking oil.
  9. Cymruambyth

    Hose pipe snow foam.

    I have a pressure washer and snow foam lance but for the odd quick wash I thought about getting a foam lance for my hose pipe. I`ve seen a few but I thought I`d ask for recommendations....anyone use these? Ta.
  10. wu56Shoozz

    Turbo Intake hose on the OM642 Engine

    The car is a W203 C Class 320CDi (2006) So yesterday I went to replace the seals on the turbo intake hose. (By the looks of things mine had not been changed for a long time.) So upon re installing the ducting the connection just all broke up like pencil lead.. very brittle indeed.:doh: My...
  11. coalville126

    S210 fuel hose

    Hi guys, quick question about A2104767326 - hose from fuel tank to pump on my E55. Anyone knows the size of this as I need a replacement & it needs to be ordered from Germany. One of the parts guy I spoke to says it's simply a short length of hose for £21.70 & I could source one locally.
  12. L

    2003 w203 breather hose problem

    So I bought my w203 cheap knowing that there were a couple of minor problems. One of them is ye olde breather hose which seems to affect the majority of these cars (ECL, all cylinders showing misfire and rough idle) After much reading up on the issue I see that there is/was a service campaign...
  13. D

    I can't find the write up for DIY - M271 $12 hose replacement

    What happened to the write up can't get to.via here or web pagw Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  14. moonloops

    3.0 L OM642 Diesel V6 - potential hose damage

    Anyone with this engine should check the power steering hose that runs around the front right (offside) of the engine cover. The cover has a very sharp lip and on my car it had eaten through the "protective" shroud on the hose and had started to eat into the hose itself. Given that my car...
  15. H

    Boost hose part number ??!!

    Just wondering if any of you guys can tell me the part number for a high pressure turbo boost pipe from intercooler to egr is. I have looked everywhere but can only find the intercooler to inlet side ( drivers side ) i need passengers side. Its a 2006 w203 cdi c200. Anyone as mines has burst...
  16. A

    TURBO HOSE CLK270cdi 2005

    My rubber turbo pipe has a split in it & I was wondering how the hose came of so I can replace it? it is the thick rubber hose around 3 inches in diameter situated to the right hand side looking at it from under the hood towards the rear of the car & it comes up from the bottom near the radiator...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Bargain Hozelock 25m Hose

    Picked this up from Wickes last night for £17.49 Half Price! in store, should be nationwide: 25 Meter with mulitple connections & fittings. Ideal for washing the car: Still had loads left...
  18. M

    W211 e270 flennor fuel hose

    Hi guys. I recently changed two hoses from hp pump. My indie changed the originals hoses with Flennor universal fuel hose. I read a bit about flennor and I realized that it not have a very good reputation. I don't know what to do. Buy original and change flennor hoses...buy gates hose...please...
  19. S

    Fuel hose for W203 C220 CDI

    Afternoon all. Hopefully I'm in the right place. I've been searching for hours through forums, websites and eBay but can't find for certain what I'm after. My W203 died on me whilst driving yesterday. Its a 2003 C220 Cdi. The RAC managed to get me started again and the problem turned...
  20. R

    W124 E220 Rogue vacuum hose

    Hi all, I've been servicing my (new to me) E220 Coupe this morning and I've found a rogue vacuum hose along the passenger side wing that isn't connected to anything. If you look inside the end it looks like it has a little steel basket filter inside. Here is the offending item: It...
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