1. biturbo

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    Top gear recently has had the porsche 928 which is about the 3rd time they have had a feature with this car. The jag f type tonight been done recently, same as eagle speedster. Last week the lfo been done recently, the bently continental, been done in various versions about 5 times. The new s...
  2. WLeg

    Windows 7 - hosts file

    We use hosts files to block some sites....but this method does not seem to wrk in W7.........from a brief google, it appears you cannot block website usings Hosts file in Windows 7, or MS has changed the search order for the hosts file.... any ideas ...
  3. Spinal

    Web hosts

    Just a quick non-mb question... can anyone recommend a reliable and cheap web host? I have tried flair and poundhost; but flair doesn't seem to host sites (correct me if I am wrong) and poundhost does dedicated servers; which I'm a little too new to use :) I have found easyspace to be cheap...
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