1. G

    Italian hotel concierge damaged my CLS500

    Hello guys, My last day of my European drive journey, I stayed over night in Milan, Italy. The hotel had a concierge service where they were parking the car safely away for the night and bring it when you check out. So I did just that. When I had the car brought to me in the morning, I loaded...
  2. D

    Sheraton hotel Edinburgh

    Guys ,has anyone had any experience of the hotel ? I've booked a few days there for my wife's birthday ,she wants to see the Royal yacht. I booked it because the website says it's got it's own car park, my question is ,will it be difficult to get a parking space there or would I be better...
  3. gaz_l

    Amsterdam hotel recommendation

    Greetings, Citizens. Looking at staying in Amsterdam for 2/3 days but will be arriving by car. No point trying to stay in the centre as obviously it's not car friendly and parking will be a PITA. Any recommendations for a half decent place to stay within a sensible tram/bus ride? Bland...
  4. F

    Polaris Slingshot and a Row of Aventador's Outside a London Hotel
  5. O

    Hotel in Devon

    Can anyone suggest a good hotel in Devon for a quiet mid week break? Not worried about where in Devon but a fairly isolated location would be nice with grounds for just dossing about. Have to give bh a much needed break from stressful job!
  6. gaz_l

    Hotel recommendations?

    Evening, all. The wife and I have decided to have a long weekend next month and have a couple of nights away. Have booked the Thursday and Friday off, we're thinking of stopping in North Devon one night (maybe Barnstaple/Ilfracombe) and sort of Cotswold-ish for another. Of course, I can do the...
  7. D

    Hotel Jardines De Nivaria

    Anyone been here? Looking for some feedback.
  8. HB

    I'll have to report this to the police - Hilton Hotel

    This happened during summer and I can't believe I forgot to mention it. So, it's the wifes cousins wedding and we're on our way to the Hilton. Me, wife, 3 kids and my mum = the S211 which is its job. Now driving up to the front door, I stop. Mum gets out, wife and daughter get out from...
  9. carnut

    Ice Hotel

    Every year I try to go somewhere nice and preferably warm for my birthday in Feb Due to many warm places being rather to hot politically I'm thinking of going to an ice hotel next time even if its not that warm....quite the opposite. Any members on here with any experience of these places...
  10. flying haggis

    hotel california

    slightly different version!!! 6 Guys And 0 Instruments Make For An Incredible Rendition Of 'Hotel California' [VIDEO]
  11. jonnyboy

    overnight hotel recommendation nr Strasbourg/Mulhouse area please?

    Learned friends. Been driving to Italy for 25 years so very experienced. Used to do in one hit. Not for the last five years or so!! Have stayed at the Holiday Inn, Mulhouse each time. Wondering about a slight change for the way back - somewhere in that region roughly as it is around halfway...
  12. donshl

    Hotel Majestic, Harrogate, 27th December

    Hi all, Sorry for the very short notice, a few of us (with our significant others) are meeting at Hotel Majestic in Harrogate on the evening of the 27th. If anyone fancies a drink, more than welcome to join us, although the exact times will be posted up later on as I am driving up from...
  13. D

    Free Hotel Room in Dover 10/12

    After booking and paying for a hotel room in Dover for tomorrow night, I now find that I have to be somewhere else at 9AM Thursday which means I can't use the room. Premier Inn at Dover so nothing fancy, but I'v stayed there before and it's not a bad hotel with a decent Table Table attached...
  14. Colin_b

    Hotel fines customer £100 for bad review.

    BBC News - Trip Advisor couple 'fined' £100 by hotel for bad review And looking at the trip advisor reviews for the hotel, if they fine everyone that leaves a bad review £100, they nust be making a fortune! :eek:
  15. st13phil

    Brussels Hotel

    As per thread title. Can anyone recommend a 3- or 4-star hotel in or close to Brussels, please? Must have secure private parking, and needs to be close to a metro or tram station - especially if on the outskirts.
  16. M

    Cambridge/East Anglia GTG - Sunday 13th April 6pm - Belfry Hotel Cambourne

    alright guys i see there are a few on here from cambridgeshire we should get together for a beer whilst the weather is nice:cool: who's in.... 1. mabz
  17. Spinal

    Hotel Booking Site?

    I find myself in the position to need to stay in a hotel for 6 months or so; Mon-Fri. I know Agoda do a rewards program, and use for the actual booking... but their rewards "points" expire after 30 days. Does anyone know of a site that allows me to keep the points beyond 30...
  18. @MARK

    Hotel Recommendation

    Hello I am looking to take SWMBO away next Friday night. So I am looking for a country hotel (middle of nowhere) and being November, it must have a big fire roaring up the chimney and serve great food. Location wise I am looking for somewhere not too far from home in South Lincs so that...
  19. M

    Family hotel london - recommendations?

    Sure there are some people on here who have visited London village or surrounding area before... Need to travel down for 3 nights in November with a three year old, so too young for his own room and trying to do something a bit different to Premier Inn (as they will provide a three bed room)...
  20. st13phil

    Lago di Como - Hotel Recommendation?

    Fancy spending two or three nights on Lake Como on the way back from Tuscany later this year. Anyone have any personal recommendations for hotels? Must have private / secure parking, and ideally be within walking distance of restaurants / bars etc. 3* or 4* preferred, but quite hapy to stay...
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