1. Darrell

    Cheap hotels in Paris

    We are staying at my mum's house in La Rochelle in August and our 11 year old daughter wants a couple of nights in Paris on the way back to Calais. We will have my new (to me) Porsche so I would prefer to stay on the outskirts where I can safely leave the car and get the metro in for some...
  2. Palfrem

    Stuttgart hotels

    My Christmas gift from Mrs P is a long weekend (probably going in May) trip to the MB Museum and we'll probably take in the other local car museum too I expect. Are there any recommendations for good hotels in the area please and restaurants, bars, etc.? Also, what else does Stuttgart...
  3. trapperjohn

    Hotels in York. Your experience please.

    As it says in the title. The longsuffering Mrs TJ and me are going to sneak off for a long weekend after the summer madness is over. Anyone stayed in a really nice place recently in York? I would like some where central near to The Opera House with its own car park if possible. I have tried...
  4. Godot

    Strange ish Hotels

    Another 10 Even Crazier Hotels -
  5. C240Sport97

    Recommendations for hotels in Paris and Rome

    Need to book 4 nights in Paris in late June and 3 nights in Rome in early July. Would like to be in 15 or 12 or 11 district in Paris. Would like to be in the Monti district in Rome. We are group of 3 (me, my 16 year old niece and 15 year old nephew - brother and sister). 1 room for...
  6. D

    Budget hotels and nearly bangeromics.

    Hello Stuck in a Travelodge tonight so trying to find something to do. Few times a year I visit a client in Tolworth. Often the time of the meeting means that I stay in a Travelodge, which occupies part of the same building. It is the most soleles, nasty and generally horrible place there...
  7. LTD

    Good hotels in York

    Help !!!! Planning a weekend away with SWMBO and we are kind of settled on York as the destination. Has anyone got any recommendations for a decent hotel ? Not interested in B&B or Travelodge type places. I'd like somewhere with a bit of luxury without getting fleeced. I'm 44 so avoiding the...
  8. C240Sport97

    Hotels in Stuttgart

    Can anyone recommend a decent but cheap hotel in Stuttgart (preferably in and around NW Stuttgart)? Thanks.
  9. D

    Amsterdam Hotels

    Hey all, Thinking of beating the credit crunch and going to Amsterdam early May for a couple of days. Can anyone recommended a hotel? Cheers
  10. Tan

    New York Hotels

    Hi I am visiting New York in a couple of weks ande am looking for a nice hotel on Time Square can anyone recommend one? The night before we leave I would like to stay some where in Manhatten can anyone recommend one there? Many thanks Tan
  11. S

    Hotels for a break in the New Forest

    Guys Looking for some help I am planning a weekend break for me & the missus - probably going to the New Forest. I've done the Google search etc. and found out about the main/boutique hotels but I was wondering whether anybody had some personal recommendations they had for a place to...
  12. M

    Using a hotels broadband connection

    The hotel we are using next month on our jollies has wireless broadband in the guest rooms . Anyone know how I get onto the internet from my wireles laptop (sad taking it on hols I know but needs must ). Would I need to set up a new isp account? . All I need is an internet connection so I can...
  13. B

    Hotels in or near Manchester?

    Over Easter we will be visiting UK and we are looking for a hotel in Manchester with secure parking. Any suggestions? Failing that somewhere nearbyish from where we could get a train in. After that we will be heading towards Llandudno to visit more relatives. Any suggestions there? Thanks...
  14. Maff

    Hotels around Frankfurt?

    I've got to nip off to do a job in Frankfurt next week, and wondered if anyone knows of hotels just outside the city centre? Last time I stayed at the Marriot in the city, but traffic was a pain in the mornings, plus it was a bit expensive for just one nights stay! If anyone has any...
  15. pentoman

    Fancy-pants hotels just west of London

    Am going to be at an event this Sunday, at Egham (near Windsor/Bracknell) and am taking the g/f. I'd likely to stay in a pointlessly fancy hotel, as it's only one night and I feel like spending a bit. I've no idea how much these things cost, but do they have hotels with bubbly jacuzzi-type...
  16. Satch

    Hotels in Munich

    Usually stay on the outskirts or in the country surrounding but this time need to find a half decent Hotel close to the City centre which has off road parking facilities. So far ones we have looked at have on road or valet parking, which in essence means some erk races your vehicle to the...
  17. A

    Hotels in MK?

    Me and missus have to have a quick dash down to Milton Keynes tonight to pick some more Ebay goodies up!! :bannana: Anyone have recommendations where to stay as I don't know the area at all!! Was just going to camp in a travel inn type place, but if there is anywhere reasonable i'm all...
  18. Maff

    2003 Summer GTG Final Details - map, hotels and much more...

    The Summer GTG is nearly upon us, so here are the final details of the venue, time, hotel and any other information. Please feel free to post any questions or comments in the main 'Summer 2003 GTG thread'. This sounds like it's going to be the biggest and best event so far, with the possibility...
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