1. John

    Get Those House Cylinder Locks Changed - Part Deux

    Moving on from John D's and contributors' helpful thread on cylinder locks (, I decided it was timely to review our side door security as the 15 year old handles were tatty and felt like they...
  2. clk320x

    Ivy Removal from House

    Just had a quote to remove some ivy from my house £180.. Apparently will take 1.5hrs Is it literally just ladder and pull out or is there some complex method? Cheers
  3. developer

    Get Those House Cylinder Locks Changed

    In the last couple of weeks I've been made aware of car thefts via key thefts from property, including a neighbour, a cousin, and an E63 owner. All were stolen by crooks snapping the Eurocylinder locks on front/patio/rear doors, where the locks can be snapped in seconds, before entering the...
  4. grober

    Moving House Antarctic Style

    Large cracks in the Brunt Ice Shelf have required the British Antarctic Survey Base to Re-locate their Halley VI base. UK completes Antarctic Halley base relocation - BBC News Some video [YOUTUBE HD]VaY75zYLyFk[/YOUTUBE HD] building it 9HVfHplY0Zc
  5. Piff

    Naming a house

    So I'm currently building a new house and the local authority want me to give it a name (it's address on the street) House is timber frame construction. In the foreground it is single storey comprising carport, single garage, utility room, study, larger kitchen diner with vaulted ceiling...
  6. anfieldassasin

    Looking for house to rent in Essex (odd post I know)

    Hi all, Our landlord died and his son wants to sell his house. We can't afford to buy it at the moment so need to find another place. If anyone knows a private landlord that is looking for professional working tenants in the south Essex area do let me know.
  7. RyanMuller

    My first house: has a garage!!

    Just exchanged on a new build and a big reason for picking this one was the double length garage! Looking forward to keeping the cars inside!
  8. ioweddie

    House Ceiling Lights like living in a Coal Mine

    In Our through lounge we had two 3 bulb light fittings taking standard 40w bulbs, after trying various low energy bulbs, then leds. Pretty Gloomy, as the fittings were pretty old we decided to buy some modern chrome light units. I fitted them yesterday and they came with G9 40w bulbs. (They get...
  9. gr1nch

    Moved house to get a bigger/better garage for your car?

    And I don't mean staying put and building one which I guess is much more common. I'm seriously having trouble finding a place with a garage wide enough to take an S-class. So it's a move for sure, thus "garage" is my #1 search keyword on Zoopla as well as prefixes like large, wide - but not...
  10. BTB 500

    Any MOT testers in the house?

    Took our 2007 Vito Dualiner for MOT today and they refused to test it. Reason given was that they need to inspect the floor panels, and this would not be possible with the built-in dog caging it's had from new: This has never been an issue at any of the previous MOTs. I pointed out...
  11. brucemillar

    Can a house give out bad karma?

    You need to read the whole article to understand my question. Cross Cottages, the Fawkham farmhouse tainted by memories of Angela Johnstone's murder, has been demolished 28 March 2016 by Tom Acres A farmhouse left empty since a man was jailed for murdering...
  12. C

    PHEV house charger Essex

    Hi, due to take delivery of my first MB in May, a C350e. Can anyone recommend a good installer in the Essex area? Hopefully one who I can work won't through the grant scheme, thanks
  13. Calcifer

    Wooden House Gates

    Morning. I've been looking into some solid wooden gates for the house for some time now. Anyone had some done, electric or non electric. I have a double drive way with a 2.5m opening on either side. Possibly a forum member here in the trade. I'm based in Manchester area. There seem...
  14. Red C220

    Rampant house price inflation

    What's going on in your area? Our little Close in Surrey has gone beserk in the last 12 months. Our neighbours house has just sold for an absurd amount of money which (as long as it completes) will mean we've had a 30% increase in house prices in 12 months in our Road based on actual sales...
  15. def90cars

    House sale clapses after 15 months

    House purchase clapses after 15 months As it says. I am a cash buyer. They were buying non-chain houses. Nothing could convince them to progress at all. Now fell through. Very depressing after 15 months.
  16. brucemillar

    I was blind now I can't see. Any Opticians in the house.

    As per the title. I need some advice please. I am a long term varifocal specs wearer. Normally for reading and driving and the occasional bit of TV watching. Reading is my biggest need. My present frames of choice being (I am a ponce) Rayban Wayfarers. So I need some new ones and thought...
  17. The _Don

    UK house prices to crash as global asset prices unravel -
  18. mat8n

    House stuff wanted

    I'm moving house at the end of November from a furnished place to an unfurnished place, so I'm needing everything to get me going, sofa, beds, wardrobes, cutlery and plates, etc etc etc. At the moment I'm after free/cheap stuff as it's just to get me going for now. I also can't store...
  19. kianok

    New house warranty

    About 3 months ago we moved into a house which is now approximately 18 months old. Two weeks ago we had a leak which was coming from the shower in the third floor bathroom which has also caused minor water damage to the floor below. Having had a site manager and a customer liaison...
  20. Palmball

    New house build

    I happened to briefly mention on another thread (about a potential incoming E63) that I'm (trying!) to fund a new build that I've mostly designed and, to my disappointment, there was more interest in the house than the car :wall bash: What is this place!?!.....a car forum or cowboy builders? :D...
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