1. C

    how much wheel bolt should go into hub?

    Hello, looking for feedback from those who have fitted aftermarket wheels and spacers. I am thinking that the wheel bolts currently fitted are not long enough. From what I can see, there is only around 10mm of bite on them... Any comments? Untitled by chris pollin, on Flickr Untitled...
  2. MB-tex

    Need to borrow W124 hub bush install tool.

    Hi all Anyone got the tool that presses in the bush in the rear knuckle to which the lower control arm attaches? I need to borrow one quick! I have been pressing in and out lots of bushes recently with mixed results but these look like they are beyond my basic technique and huge old press...
  3. T

    W203 C220 rear bearings (hub swap?)

    Hi guys, I bought an inexpensive W203 C220 (06 reg) a couple of years ago as I was in need of a car and not being able to find the right W204 car I wanted, this was a cheap solution. In obsidian, with black leather and Avantgarde spec I still think it looks classy. Over the last couple of years...
  4. Codger49

    W209 rear hub bush replacement - which one

    My CLK has developed the squeaky rear end, so thought its time to replace the lower control arm to wheel carrier bushes. Looked in my copy of EPC and it came up with A 220 352 02 27, went to confirm the Lemforder part number on ZF's Webcat and it stated '10747 01 no longer manufactured, use...
  5. BTB 500

    BT Infinity Smart Hub (Home Hub 6)

    Anybody using one of these successfully? I have a Hub 4 at the moment which works OK apart from the wifi sometimes struggling to cope with the endless tablets/phones that the kids and wife use. BT sent me a new Smart Hub (Hub 6) but from a quick Google there seem to have been a steady...
  6. D

    Mercedes Ml 350 2013 damaged hub

    Hi everyone to cut a long story short my wife changed her rear flat tyre and fitted the space saver but never fitted the shorter bolts. Damage has been done to the hub and I can only thread in four of the five wheel nuts. Does anyone know the tap/die size to try re tap thread. Thanks :fail
  7. A

    15mm hub centric spaces

    Hi guys After pair of 15mm hubcentric spaces to fit my cls55 must have bolts that fit oem 19 amg alloys new/used fine :cool:
  8. S

    W208 CLK 230 rear hub nut

    I started to strip my rear suspension to renew the tie bars and back plate when I discovered that I didn't have a socket to remove the nut holding the drive shaft to the rear hub.:fail I have a 32mm socket, too small. my 34mm was too big. It looks like a splined nut. Where can I buy the correct...
  9. t-dawg1

    FEBI BILSTEIN W211 wheel bearing hub

    Just ordered one for my W211 as the bearing was beginning to make quite a loud noise at speed over 30mph though when car jacked there is no noticeable movement of the tyre when shaken at with hands on 12/6 o'clock position. I did repack them about 3yrs ago so I'm guessing they have run of...
  10. T

    Mercedes W201 W124 W129 W140 16" Hub Caps / Trims with Chrome edges

    Genuine Mercedes 16" hub caps / trims with the chrome edges. Getting hard to find and look awesome when fitted. Part number: 1404010024 Not perfect but in original condition as shown in the pictures: There's a set on eBay for £80 in a bit better condition, so i'll...
  11. E

    Play in Hub Carrier Swivel Joint (S211)

    I have been getting a suspension 'clunk' for a while on the nearside. Jacked it up today and found play at the Hub Carrier swivel joint where it is bolted to the Spring Control Arm (lower wishbone). It looks to me as though the swivel is part of the Hub Carrier and to get a new swivel means a...
  12. PhilLinda

    Replacement Hub Caps

    Anyone know where I can get some replacement hub caps at a reasonable price? The ones I need are the classic roadster design in blue. Also, is it normal for these to fail after only 3 years? One of the front ones is almost totally white now. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  13. R

    4 W205 C63S genuine AMG 19" 5 double spoke alloys + black AMG hub caps.

    I have a set of genuine AMG alloys for sale. They are the 19" 5 double spoke wheels which are an option on the W205 C63 and standard, I think, on the C63S. Not sure if they'll fit other W205 C class models. The rim widths are 8.5 and 9.5 with offsets of 38 and 56. The wheels have never been...
  14. F

    Need W124 Estate Rear Hub/ hub and carrier

    As title I need a passenger rear hub for a W124 estate, or a hub and wheel carrier complete Thanks
  15. BIG_G_1979

    w212 hub caps

    Hi guys need to buy a new set of hub caps for my E class can anyone confirm size I need? Are they 60mm? Here's a pic of wheels fitted 18" amgs Sent from my xperia z3 using MBClub UK
  16. L

    TPI 20mm 5x112 66.6CB Hub Centric Spacers

    Hi All, I have these TPI spacers for sale. Only fitted to my CLC for 4 months. Very high quality spacers, fit perfectly As new condition. Cost £75 new. £50 plus postage. Thanks for looking.
  17. Silver CL55

    Eibach 5 X 112 hub centric 10mm spacers, brand new

    Will fit various models, W219 CLS, W212 S class, W216 CL, W211 E class, M class to name but a few. (Will fit rear of the above vehicles, not sure about the front) Do your own research for your own vehicle. Eibach model; Pro-Spacer 112/5-66.5-150 S90-2-10-002 £55 shipped to you in the UK.
  18. P

    how much should centre bore sit on hub?

    Hi. I've just bought some wheels for my w164 ml which came off another ml of the same year. But for some reason the hub on my car doesn't reach the centre bore of my wheel. I'm assuming you should probably have a good 5mm inside to take the weight of the car. Can I cure this with hubcentric...
  19. spuggets

    W203 AMG C32 drive shaft and hub assembly

    Put the car in for a wheel bearing today, the call came back that the drive shaft is seized in the hub... And Merc want £1500 for these parts :O Can anyone advise: - good places to source used parts (no joy on eBay) - what the correct part is for a 2004 car as I understand they are...
  20. JonathanC250

    W202 Rear Hub / Bearing wanted NSR

    Hi all, Im after a nearside rear hub and bearing assembly from a w202 c class. My car is 1998 Sreg c250td and has the sensor? Anyone got one or breaking a similar age 202? Cheers Jon
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