1. toby1

    W140 steel wheels and hubcaps

    I am after a set of 4 W140 steel wheels and hubcaps, and bolt set Thanks
  2. A

    W124 OEM hub-caps

    Hi all - I'm badly colourblind so I need some help please chaps. There seem to be two different colours of OEM W124 plain hub-cups for the steel wheel. One in standard shiny silver, and the other in a very attractive gun-metal grey colour. (both apparently with the very nice circumferential...
  3. B

    Securing hubcaps

    Someone kindly removed the hubcaps from my '82 200T the other night. I've found some replacements, but since I'm having to ship them from the US I am trying to work out some way of making sure that they don't disappear in the same way. Obviously I'm still going to have to be able to take them...
  4. T

    W212 centre hubcaps for alloy wheels

    Hi, my alloys have recently been refurbed by Lepsons. Looking great but the centre hubcaps are not looking nice. I need a recommendation on sourcing replacements. Originals are over £60. Replica vary wildly in price and I've seen em on amazon and eBay. Any experience? Ta
  5. 300CE

    4 hubcaps mercedes 220s /cabrio coupe Ponton 1955/60 new original nos

    Bargain :eek: 4 hubcaps mercedes 220 s /cabrio coupe new original nos | eBay
  6. R

    Big Shiny Classic Merc Hubcaps; for 14 inch wheels

    5 Big Shiny Hubcaps. Will not fit my W124 as it has 15 inch wheels so I assume they are for Mercs with 14inch wheels They are steel and have had the middle bit thats red, err, painted red. Yellow under the red. Paint stripper should get it off or elbow grease Some scrapes around the outer edge...
  7. OneCarefulOwner

    W124 pre-facelift hubcaps, full set

    I am looking for a full set of good condition pre-facelift hubcaps, 15" diameter, suitable for a W124 - the old-style design of a large disc with an outer ring and recessed a 3-point star in the middle. Watching a set on FleaBay but if I can give my money to a club member I'd rather do that.
  8. Spinal


    I've discovered Inchcape online... while looking at some hubcaps (B66470202) at £10 each, I stubled across these : B66470124 "Hub Caps Chrome" £20.41. No image, no details... Does anyone have any idea what they are? Are they the set of stock hubcaps? TIA, Michele
  9. Spinal

    4x 15" steel rims + hubcaps

    Not sure if these are actually called hubcaps, but hey - there are pics! So; the nintendo's stay and the wheel go :p Note that one of the plastic hubcaps is broken. The tread on the tyres is either below legal or near the limit - hence, you will need new tyres. Going on eBay...
  10. esprit200

    Standard C200 steels and hubcaps + part worn Dunlops

    From a 1999 t-reg c200 4x 15" C200 Steels 4x Standard Hubcaps 4x Part worn Dunlop sp sport 2000 £120 ono + collect or arrange courier Also spare tyre and rim completely unused for £100 + collect
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