1. J

    turbo technics,hughes twin turbo kit 300 24

    Just recently been informed of the existance of these and looking for more power in my r129 300 24. Any body got one they would be willing to part with?
  2. U

    Mercedes E320 Coupe, Hughes Twin Turbo

    Not many like this about Mercedes E320 Coupe, Hughes Twin Turbo. AMG. W124. CE. P/X | eBay
  3. M

    Geoffrey Hughes, RIP

    Geoffrey Hughes, popular character actor and Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, died yesterday, aged 68.
  4. 300CE

    Brand new hughes turbo technics twin turbo kit mercedes 300 24 valve w124 300e

  5. 300CE

    1994 mercedes e320 auto silver hughes 340hp twin turbo for repair amg brabus

  6. M

    Hughes Twin Turbo Kit FOR E320

    well the gearbox has now decided it doesnt want to work ,so this is the turning point to remove the engine and gearbox and revert back to standard E320. the car has been run with the Hughes kit on since I bought it last year,ONLY DOING A FEW HUNDRED MILES as I have 8 Mercs ! I managed to...
  7. bpsorrel

    E Convertibles at Hughes

    Took a nice drive to Beaconsfield today and just had to pop in to Hughes the MB dealer. They had TWO E convertibles in the showroon! Actually their place is fascinating as they have MB, Chrysler Jeep and Saab in the same group of buildings - all cars I like (yes, I like Chryslers too...)...
  8. M

    Hughes 300CE TT - blown turbo

    (Note to self: you do NOT have time to take this on as a project!) Here you go: MERCEDES CE AMG TWIN TURBO only 24 made,great project on eBay (end time 04-Oct-09 20:01:15 BST) White, AMG kitted but rather poorly twin turbo 300CE. One of the original ones done by Hughes? Spoke to another...
  9. X

    Hughes Aylesbury

    Deserve a mention for customer service... They carried out some work on my car last week...on checking the car over the weekend, I discovered that the wheel brace was missing...whislt I knew that it was there several months ago when I had a puncture, and I felt sure it would have been in its...
  10. A

    Big Thumbs Up - Hughes of Beaconsfield

    Just had a list of niggles and an MOT completed on my '04 W211 and I've got to say the whole experience was painless and pleasant thanks to Hughes and Service Plus. I'm loving MB! New brake pads AND discs all round, two new rear coils, new wing mirror housing/wiring to fix intermittent...
  11. M

    Hughes of Beaconsfield

    My car was making a vibrating noise due to a gear box leak so booked it in for a check over as its under the original warranty. I was told to bring my driving licence for the courtesy car and be there for 8am. I got there at 8am and there were three other people also there and we all waited...
  12. Lazarus

    Hughes of Aylesbury

    Hi, Just booked my C-Class in for an 'A' Service at Hughes of Aylesbury, they quoted me a maximum of £230 inc VAT, and have offered me a courtesy car, but want £10 to cover insurance (which isn't too bad IMHO). Anyone had any good or bad experiences with the Aylesbury branch? I've read...
  13. M

    Anybody used Hughes Beaconsfield ?

    In my search to get a B service under £400, these seem the last hope. Anyone had any experience of them?
  14. Flyer

    Lee Hughes - CL55

    Just read this story on BBC's website. It says there were four men in his CL55 - I thought there were only four seats in a CL (like the CLK). Incorrect?
  15. 2swift4u

    Respray from Hughes of Beaconsfield

    Has amyone here had body repair work done by Hughes of Beaconsfield if so were they any good I had the n/s of the my car resprayed by them because some one had hit me i was and still am very disapointed with the paintwork even tho they sprayed it twice its been about 6 months now and the...
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