1. G

    W215 window opens when ignition started. Huh?

    Hi I've recently acquired a W215 for a knock down price as a fixer-upper. I think I've now sorted the ABC issues, but there's one vexing issue: When I start the ignition, the passenger window opens fully. WTF? This is like Alfa Romeo electrics. I've replaced the motor as I had a spare, but...
  2. Palfrem

    Merc drivers huh!

    BBC News - 'Road rage' attack in M25 fast lane Blimey!
  3. T

    Alright baby you wanna know how Mac C the pimp rides huh?

    Old video, but really funny. Maybe someone here hasn't seen it before :D "Sittin daytons baby, gold mofo daytons" C07CImALR0g
  4. M

    W124 with just 26,000m at... £1995 - huh?

    Spotted this late W124 E220 on an Autotrader search - too far away from me to check out if it's genuine or not (don't tell Charles Ironside!)...
  5. Sp!ke

    So You think you're fast huh?

    How about 185mph in 7.82 seconds!! Watch the speedo (the speedo reads a maximum of 220mph BTW) :eek:
  6. Howard

    C47 ???? huh ? Is this a new model ?
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