1. D

    Indy merc garage in or around Hull, Yorkshire?

    Hi, I'm looking for a recommended, honest and efficient indy garage in or around Hull for merc jobs beyond my basic skills with Star diagnostics. Thanx.
  2. MercedesMatt

    Hello from Hull

    Hello Everyone! Thought id better say hello from sunny Hull in East Yorkshire. Im 27 and currently live in Hull. Im a sales executive for Mercedes-Benz of Hull, but also have a real passion for all things MB. My current demonstrator is a C180 Coupe Sport Edition Premium in Iridium silver...
  3. ChrisA

    Result by Aqua Detailing Hull

    Andy of Aqua Detailing in Hull travelled the 22miles to my place and spent the day converting my car from bag of *h*t daily drive to showroom condition. At a price of £400 it included interior valet, engine bay clean up and exterior clean, polish and protect. I was very impressed with his...
  4. ChrisA

    Listers Hull

    Took my AMG in to Hull Mercedes - Lister Group as Airmatic needed re-setting after having new pump and LSD fitted. Hadn't booked in but just turned up. Service Manager, Wes, took keys and 20min later car was back how it should be at a cost of just £45. Not often the Stealers get a good mention...
  5. AnimMerc

    Freedom Festival Hull

    Not Merc related but those who live near Hull it's the Freedom festival this weekend Fri-Sun, it's usually OK especially if you have kids. Loads of music and other stuff going on.:rock::bannana:
  6. touringmark

    new member living in Hull

    hello every one drive a E320 Estate and it is perhaps one of the greatest cars i have ever owned done some epic drives across to germany and france and just jumped out fresh as ever at the other end . what more can i say Mark :bannana:
  7. M

    Anyone with STAR in the Hull Area?

    Hi, Just wondering if there is anyone with Star in the Hull area who could scan my 00 facelift SLK230 for fault codes?. Maybe coincidence but after re-setting the service indicator, the cars performance was really .sluggish performance. I had the car in for bodywork (non MB garage) and all...
  8. S


    Any one in Hull fancy doing a small job on my w124 diesel for a bit of cash and some beers? Replacing the rubber o rings on my fuel pump valves, and one of my injectors I think has some dirt in it as it started knocking loudly after my last attempt to remove the injection pump valves, all...
  9. Satch

    John, Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull

    Somebody has already been hard at work on his Coat of Arms....:D The Lakelander's View: The Prescott Coat of Arms revealed
  10. paddy@polyposta

    Recommend Garage Services in Hull

    If you live in the Humberside/Lincolnshire area then I would like to recommend Auto Elite in Hull who have carried out work recently on both my 300CE Coupe & 500E They are a pleasure to deal with and i will most certainly be using there services from now on: AUTOELITE AutoElite is a...
  11. M

    anyone here from hull,lincoln or grimsby?

    bit of a long shot but i wondered if theres any members who live at one of these places who would be willing to go to the pc world store there and pick up a satnav and then mail it to me. The model i want is on offer and only available for instore pickup and those stores are the only ones who...
  12. A

    Service/fault Diagnosis Hull

    I've always taken all my cars to T&C MOTORS, Malton Street, Hull Ford Scopio, BMW518, XJS 5.4 MERC E280,,AND NOW A 2001 CLK (W208) KOMP. During the recent floods,,I was forced to drive thru 2 feet of water on the A63,,and every light on my dash came on..well almost. tried all the usual tricks...
  13. M

    Independants in Hull anyone ?

    As the title says, does anyone know of a good independent in the surrounding area? There are excellent BMW, Audi and Jag indys. Maybe someone wants to set an MB one up ?
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