1. markmifsud

    Hummer on Ebay

    All I can say is, read the full description, Hummer H2 White 2003 | eBay
  2. gurpz

    How To Drive A Hummer In Iraq

    Oh deer :crazy:
  3. R

    how rubbish is a hummer? Maybe they need a hilux in iraq
  4. big x

    How much luggage can a H2 Hummer carry ?

    F*** all ! What dumb ass piece of design.
  5. scotth_uk

    Anyone fancy a Hummer w/30 inch rims? JTFC:
  6. GRAV888

    OTT Hummer on M25

    Spotted this yesterday on the Surrey section of the M25. Pics are not fabulous quality, as were taken on my phone. I must remember to start taking my camera with me.
  7. didgit

    Hummer incident

    more of an incident this one, travelling from Ashby on the 42 y/day when this great big ugly monster came up behind me, it was one of those HUMMERS the baby one that J Clarkson drove, the wheels were huge! nearly as big as lorry wheels, but of course these ones were chromed! it drove of into the...
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