1. ringway

    Humour. Race-related jokes and jokes relating to tragic events.

    A month or so ago, I read this thread (LINK) after researching what those from The Emerald Isle think about typical Paddy and Mick jokes. Is it ok to tell jokes that ridicule Irish people, or does almost every joke have someone that is ridiculed and perhaps can be considered acceptable? I know...
  2. Giantvanman

    People and humour

    Obviously driving the poor person mad but still funny…….
  3. bpsorrel

    Swedish Mercedes humour.. :)

    Now I KNOW what the bonnet star is for.. :)) "A Swede and a Norwegian was driving in a Mercedes. The Norwegian, having never been in a Mercedes before, asked the Swede what the ornament on the hood was. The Swede answered "Oh, they are cross-hairs, so that I can hit people with the hood...
  4. D

    Just humour me for a minute...

    As some of you know, I've put my C36 up for sale and was intending to drop a '55 lump in the 'C43, then maybe look at supercharging it. In a moment of clarity today, this struck me as being a bit silly; why not sell both AMG's and buy a C32? After all, I've got a bit of a crusade to own every...
  5. W

    forum humour

    copy-paste from another forum.....made me chuckle :)
  6. st13phil

    Traffic Control with a Sense of Humour

    I think it's called "getting the people on side" :D F1HqiUeKpyg
  7. M

    Who says the Gernans don't have a sense of humour...

    Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour... Spotted in Metro this week: Whatever you think of the Mini, would you buy a car with a name like that? :o
  8. st13phil

    Focus Owner with a Sense of Humour

    Spotted this in my local supermarket carpark this morning: :D :D :D
  9. M

    someone has a sense of humour!

    someone has a sense of humour!:crazy: mark.:)
  10. Gollom

    OK, so I have a wierd sense of humour (twice)....

    A man and his wife are awakened early in the morning by a loud pounding on their door. The man gets up and answers the door to find a stranger standing in the pouring rain. "I need a push," says the stranger. "Not a chance," says the man. "It's 3 A.M." He slams the door and returns to...
  11. jimti

    more toilet humour

    Ha Ha Ha
  12. Spinal

    Toilet Humour

    Have a read... especially blu-tone's posts.... I can't stop laughing...and am only halfway through! Michele
  13. glojo

    More Jokes

    A man starts his new job at the zoo and is given three tasks. First is to clear the exotic fish pool of weeds. As he does this a huge fish jumps out and bites him. To show who is boss, he beats it to death with a spade. Realising his employer wont be best pleased he disposes of the fish by...
  14. reflexboy

    A little humour for the over 25's

    Symptons of being over 25...... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. You leave clubs before the end to 'beat the rush'. (worst still you > don't go to the clubs) > > 2. You get more excited about having a roast on a Sunday than...
  15. jahewitt

    Blonde Humour

    Not sure if you have seen this - my wife sent it to me - very funny and made me laugh, but better still wait until you see which brand it is advertising !!!! Enjoy !!!!!!:)
  16. R

    The Apprentice - Humour

    Not sure who is following "The Apprentice" on MB Club, but the videos on this link tickled me.
  17. pluggers


    A couple of games Ive got on my computer I thought I would share,I like the cow one best It makes you smile :D Prescott StereoMPs mad cow
  18. Limited Edition

    Shopping Humour

    Shopping differences Turbo!
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