1. ChrisA

    Vettel and Ferrari win Hungarian Grand Prix

    A bad 1st lap left Lewis in a pretty poor position, struggling to keep up but managing 6th place and still leading the Championship No Mercedes on the podium today :( Well done to Kvyat (2nd) and young 17yr old Max Verstappen (4th) A good race for a change with plenty of action :thumb:
  2. grober

    Hungarian Rhapsody!

    Buyer's of Mercedes' compact range of cars in the future may have their cars built in Hungary. In todays global manufacturing environment buyers have to look more carefully at where their cars are manufactured. The Mercedes Benz name synonymous with "German engineeering " could be made in...
  3. Maff

    Hungarian Navigation CD

    Hi, Anyone know where I maybe able to get one from? I've tried navtech and Tele Atlas. Cheers! :) Matt.
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