1. C

    cls55 hunting #2

    hello, so has anyone viewed this one? Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG -Top Specification -Low Mileage -Full Service History | eBay seems a decent example, but been for sale for a while, too exp possibly?
  2. V

    Hunting for the CLS 55!

    Been looking and gonna view two tomorrow, Anyone recognise any of these two? Mercedes-Benz CLS 5.5 CLS55 AMG Saloon 4dr Petrol Automatic (326 g/km, 500 bhp)
  3. E

    Engine surge hunting uphill under load 70 -75mph

    Hi guys, I hope some one may be able to shed there wisdom with my fault. I have a 2004 ml 270cdi just purchase. Very pleased with it but lol. When I test drove it no where to get it up to speed so didn't know it had a fault. So here's info on the fault and symptoms. Car starts up eagerly...
  4. brucemillar

    124 - 300te hunting at idle?

    Well a good 100 mile run this afternoon with no dramas. The engine hunts badly at idle only when very hot. I am suspicious of the twin pipes on the idle control valve. I know both are split where they push into the actual valve. These have seen a previous repair with jubilee clips. I have...
  5. B

    Engine hunting at a steady 30mph

    My W203 facelift c220 cdi when driving along at a steady 30mph the engine hunts and the revs go up and down slightly. Tickover is fine , Acceleration is fine as well as kickdown, it is just at a steady 30 or 40 mph the revs go up and down and you can feel the car in sequence with it.
  6. zaen1

    c43 ticking noise on idle and engine hunting

    Hi all. Started up my c43 today and noticed a ticking sound coming from the engine bay,had a look under the hood and it seems to be coming from the front left side around the ABS pump assembly. The sound is not like ticking you get from noisy tappets more like when you testing a spark plug...
  7. abecketts

    CL hunting

    My half hearted quest for a w140 CL continues, local to me was a pale blue CL500, I had my doubts when it failed to sell on ebay and getting a viewing with the vendor was a little tricky. Comparing the car to the pictures was interesting as the drivers front corner had picked up another...
  8. richard300

    W140 S280 - Revs hunting when off the throttle

    A curious thing happened today. I was driving at slow speed down a slight incline. Didn't need to brake but didn't need to be on the throttle and i noticed the cars revs were hunting (reflected on the rev counter) by a few 000'd revs. I drove round for a little while and under the same...
  9. M

    W203 coupe hunting idle and no accelerator

    So, I've been fixing up a w203 coupe that had various issues. When I drove it onto my drive 6 months ago the engine purred sweetly and the gearbox seemed nice enough. At various points over the last 6 months I've started the car, had the battery on and off, recharged the battery after it drained...
  10. F

    c180 2002 hunting on tick over

    hi my 2002 c180 estate is starting to hunt on start up,after revving a few times it settles down.i have read the posts about the harness being a probable cause.i have a code for no 2 lambda,could this be the cause,or is it the harness.excuse my ignorance but where does this loom actually run...
  11. Merty

    Hunting for Torque at 1500rpm

    Hi Guys My w211 e220 has recently build a small problem in my case. At around 1500rpm it idles to pick up torque. I have to push the pedal a bit further for it to release it self and reach anything above 1500rpm. Can anyone advise me on this please.??
  12. G

    W124 280 hunting at idle

    Just brought the 124 back from Italy. Ran perfectly all the way. 1,000 miles with just stops for fuel. However now when hot the idle hunts from about 600-1000rpm but not all the time. Found a previous thread suggesting the egr valve but not sure where to find this or if it has one. In the past 4...
  13. N

    Hunting for a classic M113.980 engine for my C43 AMG

    Forummembers who did the CLK55/E55 engine swap, I would like to pick your minds about this modification. I have found a 09/2001 engine, it's the updated engine with electronics version ME2.8/EGS52 My C43AMG is manufactured in December 1998 as an 1999 year model comes with ME2.0/EGS51 module. I...
  14. J

    W211 e270cdi 54reg seems to be hunting on tick-over...

    Hi all, my w211 e270cdi seems to be hunting a bit on tick over, the interior lights and headlights etc very slightly dim and brighten on the tick over and on the dash I quite often get the message saying 'convenience features temporarily unavailable...' Etc. could someone please tell me how I...
  15. harries2

    Rough idling c180k se coupe 2003? Vent pipe?

    my car has just started ticking over like its hunting its ok when driving but when idling its rough any ideas would be great ?
  16. harries2

    Rough idling hunting c180k se coupe 2003

    rough idling hunting on tick over c180k se coupe 2003 car is ok when going to high speed , but when going slow it seems to go kangeroo style please can someone help give me some ideas. New spark plugs been fitted was wondering if maybe a pipe or something causing this thanks carl
  17. harries2

    Rought idle hunting c180k coupe 2003

    :failc180k se coupe 2003 please help:mad: i have a coupe that was running ok but now it is rought idling /hunting etc.:doh: The car runs ok on high speed:thumb: but not good on low speed:fail CAR IS A 2003 COUPE WITH THE 1.8 ENGINE C180 KOMPRESSOR
  18. S92Jockey

    W203 C220 CDI Sport AutoBox Hunting

    Hi All. I'm new to this forum, and now the proud owner of my first MB after wanting one for years... I've just taken delivery of a nice 2005 C220 CDI auto Sport. after a close inspection and road test, all seemed fine but, soon after getting home I noticed a slight hunting when in about...
  19. D

    w203 Engine hunting?

    w203 1.8 petrol auto. engine seems to hunt from time to time. not happening all the time? any ideas? many Thanks.
  20. C

    Engine hunting on idle

    2008 W204 C200 CDi On idle the engine is hunting a little. The fluctuation is very small (probably no more than 100rpm) but it is there when cold or warm. Is this a problem or normal? New thermostat being fitted this week. Don't know if the two are connected? Thanks Chris
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