1. Prickleypear

    w202 220 hunts on cold idle

    I cleaned the engine the other day on my C220 W202 1994, sprayed some water on the engine while it was running, it started hunting, when i finished i switched the engine off, dried everything out, blew all visible connections with compressed air including the HT leads and suppressors, it...
  2. C

    1993 E320 Coupe W124 Hunts on idle

    Hello All, Its a e320 coupe five speed auto, cruise contorl and sports suspension.118,000 miles on the move its as smooth as silk does`nt miss a beat, kick down works the cruis control works as well.Its only when it comes to do idle its up and down more severe in D and R,and trying to park is a...
  3. W

    Treasure Hunts

    Has anyone any tips on organising/holding a treasure hunt? Are there any web sites with tips on clues etc? I've committed myself to holding one and would be glad of any advice. :crazy:
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