1. D

    New wheels arrived today hurrah

    Well, refurbed anyway. Not a bad job.
  2. Levismerc

    Great service from Franey. Hurrah!

    Hello all I'd just like to say a public "thanks" to Franey - a member on this forum and a Merc parts supplier. He's just supplied a radiator, water pump, and all the ancillary bits for my w123 coupe at a great price and very efficient service.:) Isn't it great when forum folk can help each...
  3. EDZ649

    Hurrah! It's the weekend! What's everyone up to?

    Well it's another Bank holiday weekend, just wondered what you good folk will be getting up to? Unfortunately I'm going to be stuck in for most of it tiling my partners newly fitted bathroom but I'll be damned if I don't get to take the SL for a spin! Hope you all have a good one! :thumb:
  4. A

    Done it - Hurrah!!

    I've finally placed the order for my car and now I just have to wait. And wait. And wait. The Spec: E220 CDI Saloon Obsidian Black paintwork (with nano paint treatment I hope) Palma Grey Interior. Heated Seats Command DVD Harmon Kardon Processor Rear Airbags Split Rear Seats...
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