1. CLSMark

    My eyes hurt

    Just saw "this" hurtling along the M3. Driven by a bloke in his 50's What he sees - What I see - Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  2. markjay

    Sir John Hurt RIP

    Sir John Hurt: Bafta-winning actor dies aged 77 - BBC News
  3. Fireman Dan

    What a hurt. Locked out. :0(

    Got my car back from paint today and now I can't get in boot. Boot lock where key goes seems seized up and won't open on the key. I assume body shop didnt put electrics back on or air pipe? I am locked out of boot. Any ideas? Any ideas to get it? Thanks. I I
  4. Charles Morgan

    This Makes My Head Hurt

    The Sheer Effort Involved In Capitalising The First Letter Of Each Word Of Which There Are Many Drives Like Half The Mileage But Does Not Say How Many Miles..
  5. marc.l

    Lol so much it hurt !!!

    In the summer ...... Spend the morning polishing the E55 inside and out ready for a trip . Leave the house 5 mins later latter look in my mirror to see a vauxhal nova two inches from my bumper . Take no notice and carry on driving , he's swerving left and right trying to over take still ignore...
  6. M

    Gonna hurt tomorrow!

    Had a nasty incident cycling home this evening. I was passing a row of virtually stationary traffic on the offside of the cars but on the nearside of the white line. As I approached a BMW he looked in his mirror and kindly moved a little to the kerb for which I gave him a thumbs up as I passed...
  7. moonloops

    F1 driver hurt in testing at Duxford...

    BBC News - F1 Marussia driver hurt in Duxford testing crash That's what you get for driving in high heels :devil:
  8. @MARK

    Two hurt by concrete dropped from bridges over A12

    I am lost for words on this one BBC News - Two hurt by concrete dropped from bridges over A12
  9. developer

    The Hurt Locker C4 9pm tonight

    If you want to see a great film that looks like it's a typical war film but is, in fact, a whole lot more, try The Hurt Locker tonight on Channel 4. Nominated for 9 Academy Awards and winning 6 Oscars, it's a real goodie :thumb:.
  10. H

    My feet hurt!

    I came home from work yesterday, quickly got changed and dashed out to get to the gym. I wondered why my foot hurt, but I put it down to having pulled my trainers on while the laces were done up and got the tongue trapped. To cut a long story short, when I took the shoe off, I found a table...
  11. D

    A little bit further could have hurt!

    When parking jobs go wrong: Car left dangling out of multi-storey building after driver accidentally hits the gas | Mail Online
  12. jimmymidnight

    How much is this going to hurt...?

    so, this happened tonight, is it as bad as it i fear it could be? (my 2001 W210 E320 CDi Avantgarde)
  13. scumbag

    this makes your eyes hurt

    scoll down this link until you see the daytona d'oh. hang on <edit: fixed link>
  14. robert.saunders

    Police chase leaves two officers hurt "in £25,000 E-class Mercedes cars"

    Copy from Brighton Argus 2 Jul 08: A car sprayed sparks behind it for four miles as a dramatic police chase ended with two officers in hospital. The desperate driver refused to give up his bid to escape from police after the tyre of his Ford Mondeo burst during a pursuit. And he was only...
  15. 190ian

    Cossy needs some work (bet that hurt) Evo 2 lookalike
  16. PaulE230

    Spent the day refurbishing my alloys wheels it took me 8 hours and my fingers hurt!

    But They look loads better not perfect but better Next time I think I will leave it to the proffesionals as I bet it doesnt take them 8 hours lol Pics at the bottom of this thread
  17. Mozzer

    Now this has got to hurt...

    ... his wallet :eek: :eek: :eek:
  18. V

    Nurse I need more eyes hurt

    Health warning: By clicking on the attached link, you risk vomiting, pain to the eyes, followed by uncontrolled laughing. I did a search on e-bay for "AMG" and got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Mambo

    Thats gotta hurt!
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