1. I

    This hurts my eyes

    MERCEDES CL500 AG EXCALIBUR PROTOTYPE - ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD - SHOW CONDITION | eBay Did someone have fun in photoshop?
  2. D

    The road that hurts....

    Five years of neglect and the road is complaining....
  3. B

    This hurts but need must....

  4. lynall

    This ad hurts my eyes

    Pretty low spec for avantgarde c320, no comand, mem or heated seats, or xenons, but the advert is pretty good. My eyes are still adjusting to a normal screen. Hes obviously more of a chunker than me as he says when he sits on the seat the fuse blows:D. Warning advert may contain flashing...
  5. Gucci

    This SL hurts my face 'Sale due to lack of use' - couldn't be seen in it? :eek:
  6. SEM

    Speed Hurts

    I was looking for some time lapse imagery when i found this. Apologies if it has already been posted, i've not seen this before. It's an advert for speeding, a bit like the guy's and the pizza not wearing setbelts
  7. Tan

    This hurts :o( Regards Tan
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