1. D

    HVAC flap reset 2014 W166 ML350

    Hi Is there a way to reset the HVAC flaps on a W166 (ML350) ? I've tried the Demist + Recirc option and that doesn't work for this model. I'm getting slightly warmer air on the drivers side (when trying to cool the car) than the passenger side and also an intermittent rising pitch noise for a...
  2. M

    Early W221 - HVAC on the blink - how to get codes and reset?

    Hello all - apologies if this has been answered before, I cannot find anything specific. MY 2006 W221's heater has just started to exhibit an intermittent fault; when it goes wrong, the fans run at a medium-high setting, whether the system is on or off - when on, the air is hot (very hot)...
  3. S

    R230 Climate Control Question (HVAC)

    I own a 2003 SL500. The heater controls do not work properly. I have been told that I need a new "head unit." Mercedes wants about $1200 for a new one. I found a used one in a salvage yard for $120 and installed it. The seller tested it and says it worked perfectly. (Let's assume he was...
  4. L

    r129 sl hvac

    My '97 SL60 HVAC control display seems to have locked up and no matter which button I press the settings stay the same. Cant change temp, fan speed ,etc. Is this a symptom of the poor solder connections I have read about on other posts? How do you remove the control unit to check? Cheers Les
  5. S

    R129 HVAC display/control unit

    the LCD in my SL's HVAC has a fault where on switch on all good but after 10 seconds or so the display starts to flicker then fade out all but some random segments. does anyone know to a fix or where i can get a replacement unit in the south central area?
  6. portzy

    W203 HVAC Schematic

    A bit basic from an info point of view but you can see why the term "over-engineered" is oft used. http://www.mercedestechstore.com/pdfs/507%20Systems%20I/507%20HO%20HVAC%20203%20&%20463%20(ICC)%2010-30-02.pdf Portzy.
  7. Bazzle

    Heater (HVAC) controls needed

    98 SLK230 I have diagnosed my HVAC unit as faulty. Can any one suggest where I can get one on line or an email addy for a parts place. (I am in Oz) Part numbe on it is 170 830 06 85 i believe it is now superceded many thanks Bazzle
  8. A

    HVAC display: Easter eggs?

    I seem to remember a thread, which of course I can't find again, noting that the HVAC display could be manipulated into displaying e.g. actual roadspeed, temperature in different places in the engine, etc. Anyone knows?
  9. P

    HVAC problem

    I have noticed a regular soft clicking noise from behind the centre of the dash on my W124 whether the system is on or off. There is also a change in the vent operation in that the centre outlets are also now temperature controlled as opposed to ambient or chilled only.... Any ideas and will I...
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