1. Stu22

    C300h early days niggles

    My C300h finally arrived on Monday, all good to date but a few small niggles that I think are probably able to be resolved by software updates so would be glad to hear views of others. Changeover between dynamic and friction brake - as the car slows under dynamic brake the blending to friction...
  2. Steveml63

    New AMG "53" hybrid powertrain to debut in new CLS

    Hi, Interesting report about new CLS and the AMG "53" hybrid powertrain. Upcoming Mercedes CLS To Be Offered With A Hybrid AMG Engine Cheers Steve
  3. M

    2013(63) mercedes e300 cdi 2.1 diesel hybrid se bluetec estate automatic black

    Full details: http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3858 Mercedes E300 CDI SE Hybrid Diesel Estate BlueTec Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 30th November 2013 – 63 Reg • One Owner Only • 85,716 miles only with Full Mercedes Service History (see below) • 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine...
  4. M

    GLE 500e Hybrid. Tuning

    Hi guys My wife's 16plate GLE 500e hybrid needs a tweek. The exhaust is rather understated. She's come from a V8 supercharged Jag estate and now it's a bit tame. I've located one by a German firm but it's 4k and has actuators etc. Just want a replacement exhaust with more flow...
  5. G

    2014 E300 Hybrid estate rear seats

    Anyone looking for a set I have removed mine, Boot seats on turn into 7 seater car.. Black leather including fitting kit.. Make me an offer. Cost £900 new Georgecdrummond@yahoo.com Thanks George
  6. A

    Mercedes E300 Blutec Hybrid 2014 Cargo Net

    Greetings to all first post here My nut is being well and truly done in by the boot of my otherwise excellent AMG Sport E 300 Blutec Hybrid...read on dear reader ...I cannot work out how the six (6) boot anchor points work and thus have reverted to trying to get a boot cargo net If anyone can...
  7. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  8. B

    hello to everyone and a quick E300 hybrid question

    Hello to everyone from me, a new member. We are on our 3rd MB now and to date have been very pleased with the cars we have had in the family, one of the original A Class (3 years ownership), a CLK (10 years ownership) and now an E300 Hybrid Estate (8 months ownership). They have all had their...
  9. P

    E class 300 Bluetec hybrid se advice

    Hi guys, I'm searching for a new family car that can accommodate one toddler seat and two booster seats on the back row and is not an MPV. I've tried the combination in the back of a friend's E-class estate and it fits perfectly! Yay! I found a 13 reg E class 300 bluetec with 70000 miles, but...
  10. D

    E300 hybrid

    Any experience of this power plant in regards of reliability of components? I read it's a wet clutch instead of a torque converter. Does the engine and motor ever work at the same time. ....ie for better acceleration? Any info much appreciated.
  11. J

    E300 Hybrid - gearbox gone just outside warranty

    :fail So my immaculate and always MB serviced E330h needs a brand new gearbox! 40 months old, 85k miles. Never thrashed or abused. Apparently an internal failure of some kind has destroyed the gearbox. I'm getting a decent contribution by my dealer (MB Oxford) who have been good, but it...
  12. DSLiverpool

    New Cheap Commuter / Shopper Hybrid

    After having a Leaf for £3600 for 2 years I was loath to pay £6k+ for another one and not many suitable cars were under £5k however the petrol / electric Ionic is on offer at £4700 for 2 years 16k miles and its like a Korean Prius with a great interior and fab spec (radar cruise and dab plus tft...
  13. T

    Thinking about a w213 e300 hybrid

    Hi everyone, I'm going to look at a 2015 e300 hybrid on Friday. To be honest I never even knew there was a e300 hybrid till seen one advertised. Has anyone got one or owned one and can tell me what they are like or what to look out for. I think a lot will depend on what the garage gives me...
  14. C

    Random questions and thoughts about my new E300 hybrid

    So I've done close to 600 miles in my new E300 Hybryd and wanted to share a few thoughts about it and also ask a few questions. Is it just me or is the gear lever counter intuitive to use? I feel like pressing forward should be Drive and pulling backwards should be reverse, but it's the...
  15. tingtongpj

    e class e300 hybrid remapping

    hi all i'm sure this has probably been asked before but i can't find anything using the search function. is it possible to remap the diesel engine part of the car and any recommendations for manchester area ? thanks
  16. ianchips

    C 300 Hybrid B1 service

    Hi, can anyone confirm the usual cost of a B1 service for this model ? Thank you
  17. J

    New C300h Hybrid Owner - no start/stop or electric even on Eco?

    Hi guys. First post. Just last night picked up a 1 year old C300h AMG Line Estate Premium Plus in Polar White with 19" 788 AMG wheels on non run flats :thumb:. Will stick some pics up when I figure out how. Coming from a Z4 so a bit of a change - but a big saving on BIK tax and a lovely a motor...
  18. S

    2015 E300 hybrid - unreliable ?

    Test drove a 2015 E300 hybrid today (estate) and absolutely loved it , what a cracking car !!! It needs a B service so I popped into my local main dealer (Beaconsfield) and one of the salesmen told me to avoid them as they are VERY problematic ! I would love to get the opinions of you guys ...
  19. H

    C350e plug-in hybrid towbar (W205)

    I was recently trying to find out whether a towbar can be retrofitted on the new C350e and which one should I pick but was frustrated to find out there's not much info out there about this, most people seem to be getting them from the factory and are happy with MB's mods (like some keyless...
  20. A

    E300 hybrid

    Hi Ive had my 2014 E300 since Jan16. It gets me 40mpg ( 40 sterling gets 320 miles over the last few months ) inner city Taxi driving. The car does very little Battery only driving...infact only under 10MPH will it be silent on battery only....Should I be be getting battery only up to say 20...
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