1. 350e

    Why all future engines might be hybrids

    Redditch, UK 19 August 2015 At the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, GKN Automotive will demonstrate new technologies that will make hybrids the driveline of choice for future drivers. The company’s stand (Hall 5.1, B32) will also display the torque vectoring all-wheel drive system that drives...
  2. Notwen

    Hybrids - Intro

    I registered some time ago, but never got round to posting. I was researching information on the C36 model as I was looking to buy at the time. Plans and projects got in the way and it got kicked into the long grass. It never left my radar and slowly it has been climbing back up my list to...
  3. bigjim

    Hydrogen Hybrids

    Anybody got experience of these guys? de Verde Technologies Limited - Home Looks interesting: Example from the site: Jaguar S Type 4 Litre V8 from 19mpg to 30mpg (local) 26-42 ( Motorway) - 4 Pegasus 700 Cells
  4. Dieter

    MB Hybrids

    Hi, Whilst many people doubt the 'green' benefits of hybrid vehicles e.g Prius, MB have upped the ante a bit by becoming the first manufacturer to (claim to be able to) use Li-ion battery technology (Prius uses Ni hydride technology). Read more here...
  5. H

    Are Hybrids Over-hyped?

    ARE HYBRIDS OVER-HYPED? There is an interesting review of the LexusLS600h L in the New York Times. Not only is it not as fast as the 460 straight petrol model but it is not really any better on economy. Set me wondering if this hybrid hype is being greatly overdone...
  6. R

    Hybrids? waste of space.

    Confirmation to all the tree huggers out there. hybrids are a waste of space. IF You want to save the planet ,which i dont, get a super mini diesel. It tested 100 cars and found that every single car fell behind the government’s claimed combined economy figure. Most notable was the Toyota...
  7. Dieselman

    The Hybrids are coming to town.

    We've had Chrysler try to finish off MB, now it's GMs turn. January 10, 2005 General Motors (GM) has unveiled the Opel Astra Diesel Hybrid concept car. The vehicle, based on the production version of Opel Astra GTC, is a front-wheel drive diesel-electric hybrid propelled by a 1.7 liter...
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