1. J

    C63 hydraulic lifters

    Has anyone made a successful Mercedes goodwill claim on hydraulic lifters? My car has been diagnosed by Mercedes needing the lifters replaced. Car is 58 plate on 72k. I've rang local specialist and two have suggested Mercedes should help with the issue. The original Mercedes dealer said they'd...
  2. Zonergem

    R129 Roof Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

    Late last year I bought my R129 - a nice clean 74000 mile 1992-registered 500SL - which is about to receive a stem-to-stern refresh - fluids, filters, bushes, shocks, steering, mounts, HT system, the lot. My roof is in good working order but I know I need to flush and replace my hydraulic...
  3. P

    W210 "Hydraulic" reservior??????????

    Hi again Under the wife's W210 E320 CDI bonnet, on the right hand side as you look at the engine, is quite a large reservoir that says "Hydraulic oil" on it. I am guessing that is for the power steering, but I have never seen a clear reservoir for that, they are usually black, so wanted to...
  4. P

    Calling all ADS and hydraulic suspension gurus

    Hi all, One for the technically minded out there. Issue driving me slightly nuts on my 1998 SL600. Im slowly rebuilding what I can on the car (documented on another thread) and have recently had the rear lower arms off for new outer ball joints and to check ADS2 struts, rear ARB, ARB...
  5. D

    E500 - hydraulic lifters tap tap tap

    Hi all - I've just bought myself a 2002 E500. First of the W211s. 100,000 miles on the nose. Lots of history and appears to have been well cared for. On acceleration it sounds faintly clattery - think of a low pitched tappet type noise. It doesn't go away when warmed up but is not audible on...
  6. R

    Hydraulic fluid.

    Is there any difference between Pentosin CHF 11s and any other CHF 11s as used on the ABC system?
  7. Celicasaur

    W124 cabriolet hydraulic hood seals supplier in UK?

    Hi guys, what's the general direction that you guys take when the seals in the soft-top hood rams fail? Do you guys buy new from the dealer, or do you get them rebuilt? If so, where/whom can do the rebuild of the rams in the UK? I've managed to find Top Hydraulics | Rebuilt and Upgraded...
  8. PeterE320Cdi

    Is Central Hydraulic Fluid used for self levelling suspension?

    The spheres need changing on my R reg S210 E300 DT. I have some Central Hydraulic Fluid and wanted to check if it's correct for the car. Part number A 001 989 20 03 12 Thanks Peter
  9. C

    190E hydraulic leak

    Rank amateur here, so please excuse my ignorance: I have a standard ´92 MB190E 2,3 with no extras. The hydraulic fluid reservoir (the one front right in the engine bay, next to the wiper fluid and coolant reservoirs) is empty. The lines are all rusted, and there is a leak somewhere. Other...
  10. D

    W126 560SEL full hydraulic suspension problems

    Hi all, After owning a 560sel whilst working in Canada, I have finally managed to buy another here in the UK. I loved my first car so much, I just had to have another. So... After looking for ages I have finally bought a 560sel 1989. It's the 300bhp version with a full front and rear...
  11. C

    Wheel Balance effect on ABC Pump, Hydraulic Suspension, Strut

    HOW DOES BALANCING AFFECT YOUR CAR – and how it can damage your Mercedes ABC hydraulic system parts such as the ABC Pump, Accumulators, Valve Bocks and Hydraulic Suspension Struts. The sign of unbalanced wheels is a wobbly steering wheel when you are driving above a certain speed – usually...
  12. M

    Anyone used hydraulic ramps?

    I'm going to be doing some work on my 722.6 gearbox and obviously need access to the underneath of the car as I want to drain the transmission fluid and remove the valve body etc. I've done a fair bit of research including viewing some videos on youtube of a guy doing this in America where he...
  13. E

    '04 W211 - whining - hydraulic pump?

    My '04 E55K has a (fairly low-pitched) whine from the front of the engine. It is worst when stone-cold, rises and falls with engine speed, and varies slightly in pitch when I turn the steering wheel, so I'm 99% certain it is the hydraulic pump. The fluid level is correct in the reservoir, and it...
  14. 1

    R129 SL500 Hydraulic Fluid Drain

    I'm looking for help with the best way, either the official procedure or the best method with the benefit of experience, to drain the hydraulic fluid on an R129 SL500. It looks dirty compared to the fresh fluid and I have a lot of fresh fluid sitting from an S124 I bought a few years ago that...
  15. T

    Hydraulic Fluid Spec 2001 E320CDI estate S/L system

    after changing my spheres I am a couple of inches short of the Min Mark on my Hyd Fluid Suspension self levelling system reservoir and have now used up my 2L of MB sourced fluid ( A 001 989 20 03 12 ) as its 24Hr working Day wait from MB anyone know an equivalent Oil & Source I have some 124...
  16. D

    Wanted late (1995) W124 Hydraulic self levelling suspension reservoir needed

    Anyone got one of these spare? Mine has split along the moulding seam. Sits in the engine bay nearside next to the ABS unit at the front. Thanks Daniel
  17. R

    Return valve for hydraulic fluid pump

    Going to change the hydraulic fluid for my 1999 R129. I want to bleed the old fluid out by taking off the return line. Can anyone identify which one it is? There were no markings on the pump to indicate direction Thanks in advance
  18. chubbs111

    hydraulic tappets

    hi guys i think i have a hydraulic tappet thats sticking so i googled tappet cleaner and a chap who said he had been a mechanic for 40+ years said that tappet cleaner was a rip off and the best method was to drain 1/2 ltr of engine oil out then add 1/2ltr of atf and drive for approx 300 miles...
  19. J

    hydraulic valves

    Forgive my ignorance but I'm a relatively new Merc. R230 SL owner. I've had my 2006 SL 350 for 6 months now and recently the tappets started to make a tapping noise. I checked and topped up the oil and they quietened down. Can anyone tell me if the valves and tappets are hydraulic and self...
  20. S

    W164 third brake light and hydraulic tailgate pump

    Hi, new to the forum and thought I'd ask for some technical advice Basically my W164 ML320 has thrown up a third brake light warning and the tailgate neither goes up nor down. Dealer says it requires new third brake light and a hydraulic pump There's a good Merc specialist near me and I...
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