1. grober

    W124 cabriolet roof hydraulics

    This diagram courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Forum and this very useful USA site - other models covered also. :thumb: Mercedes Cylinders W124 E-Class 1993- 1995 - Top Hydraulics, Inc
  2. B

    My Mercedes CLS320cdi build thread...Rayvern Hydraulics, 20's, AMG 8pots, iPad mini

    Hi everyone, thought we would introduce our new car...the Focus' replacement! Mods if this is in the wrong place, im sorry, could you please move? Having had a VW Scirocco, Escort RS Turbo, Focus RS, Toyota Previa (still got), Vauxhall Corsa C (still got), it was time to buy something a...
  3. B

    W208 convertible hydraulics

    On another thread Unit504 sent me a link for a 'how to' access the convertible roof hydraulic pump which was very useful. As a general question to roof experts, is there any way or need to bleed the hydraulic unit which operates the roof? For instance, I am assuming that if I replace any...
  4. G

    SLK roof hydraulics

    Hi One of the hydraulic roof cylinders in the boot of my 2003 SLK 230 is weeping slightly so that now the hydraulic fluid level in the pump is low and needs topping up. The roof works fine, and the leak is very slight, and at the moment I can live with it and not repair the cylinder. At...
  5. aka$h

    Merc 230 Te Lowrider Hydraulics Custom Show Car L@@k

    Ive seen some odd looking car but this one gets all the awards http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERC-230-TE-LOWRIDER-HYDRAULICS-CUSTOM-SHOW-CAR-L-K_W0QQitemZ170104692492 Look at the steering wheel!!!
  6. NW_Merc

    W124 with hydraulics

  7. aka$h

    MERCEDES 230 te lowrider custom bling pimp hydraulics

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-230-te-lowrider-custom-bling-pimp-hydraulics_W0QQitemZ230041307134 HA HA HA!!
  8. stats007

    R129 A-Pillar Hydraulics Replacement Guide

    This may be useful to some members - courtesy of the MercedesShop forum.
  9. D

    320 E cabriolet soft top Hydraulics failing

    The hydraulics , pump and pistons for the automatic soft top are still functioning , but are leeking oil into the boot-well and the system needs constant topping up with oil to function . My mechanic ( not actual expert on merc roofs) says he needs to order/replace with all new parts and at...
  10. aka$h

    w124 coupe with hydraulics

    Check out this clip :D http://media.putfile.com/merc-hydraulics
  11. D

    SL Soft Top Hydraulics!

    Has anyone tried changing the hydraulic rams for an SL (R129) soft top themselves? I've recently had 5 (yes 5!) of the hydraulics spring leaks and have shelled out an obscene amount of money to have them replaced. Having had only 2-3 days of roof enjoyment since then another of the hydraulic...
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