1. L

    M103 How to replace head Ian B Walker Method

    HI I have removed my M103 head following the method suggested by M B Walker i.e leaving the inlet manifold in the car. But to replace the head I cant see how the inlet manifold could be correctly torqued back without removing more of the inlet manifold like at least the fuel distributor. I have...
  2. ringway

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker.

    Happy Birthday, Ian. :thumb::thumb:
  3. trapperjohn

    Ian B Walker. Been to visit him today.

    The poor lad has not been well. Two major operations back to back the second one to correct the first one which did not go well to say the least. ICU for two weeks after the second op and a further spell in HDU. He was fed through a tube for 3 weeks I think he said and of course what goes in...
  4. MangoMan

    What's happened to Ian B Walker..?

    Sent him a message quite a while ago as he did have, or has my old w124-300E/24m but heard nothing since.?? Anybody know anything? Thanks.
  5. grober

    Ian Callums Mk2 Jag

    From the man who penned The Aston Martin DB7, the Jaguar F-type, the Ford Escort Cosworth comes his interpretation/update on the classic MK 2 JAG. article here. Cover comes off Ian Callum's redesign of the Mk2 Jaguar | | Honest John Taster:-
  6. Jukie

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker

    Enjoy the the day, Ian. I'm sure there'll be a celebratory packet of Hobnobs at some point! :thumb:
  7. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker

    Hope you have a good one and many more to follow! :)
  8. I

    Ian M

    Hi I am new to this forum. I am trying to get my 1989 300SL back on the road after it has been laid up for 10 years!! I'll be asking for help and advice in coming days and weeks. Ian
  9. Lxb3

    IMAT (Ian Mathews), Caterham, Surrey

    Hi all, I've used Ian in the past - ex-main dealer (Rose and Young), extremely knowledgable and very helpful, and very reasonable rates. I've got my SL booked in with him for next Monday... let's see what he finds!!! :crazy:
  10. ringway

    Happy Birthday Ian Walker!

    Have a super day, Ian. :thumb: eCss0kZXeyE
  11. trapperjohn

    Ian Walker. Breaking 124 Estate Black Leather Interior.

    At a customers request Ian is breaking a 124 Facelift 220 Estate. The leather interior is in excellent condition. Door Cards are available too. Its a 7 seat set but the two "child seats" for the rear are cloth (Black) I have uploaded a picture of the drivers seat to show very little damage...
  12. 1

    Thanks to Ian and the team @ 124 Works

    Conversation in the pub with Ian on one of his trips down South to see family: I said..... " Ive always wanted a 190e" Two weeks later Ian ( I call him Barry, its a long story ;o)) phones me and says "Si Ive got you the perfect car, do you want it" It came out of the blue and I didnt really...
  13. Aerialmark

    Thanks to Ian & Chris at 124

    I would just like to say a big thanks to Ian and the boys over at 124 works for sorting my car out at a very reasonable price. I took it over last week for an oil change on the gearbox and whilst they had it on the ramp asked them to give it a look over with an expert eye. Well it turns out a...
  14. G

    Big thanks Ian at 124 Works

    I visited 124 works this morning for a B service on my C180K. I live in North Wales but found the 150 mile round trip absolutely worth while as the service I received was second to none. All in all, a very positive experience, very reasonably priced and I will definitely be taking my car there...
  15. Spera

    Ian 124works my story

    I have to dedicate this thread to a great experience I had and the help I received at the hands of Ian and the guys at 124Works in Kirkham,Preston. I usually do all my servicing,so I thought I'll do a quick oil change before it rains at 11am on wednesday 15th June. Hercules had tightened the...
  16. trapperjohn

    Big Thank You to Ian at 124 Works. Kirkham

    So my new to me 124 300 24V Diesel was booked in at Ian’s today for some preventative maintenance as it is just about to roll over 200K. The fuel pipes and breathers were up for renewal as they were brittle/non opaque and generally in bad order. Plus a possible diff change, as the gear changes...
  17. N

    Unlawful Death, Ian Tomlinson Police video Part II

    Some of you may remember a long & sometimes heated discussion from a just over 2 years ago when Ian Tomlinson's death was fresh in the news - http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/ot-off-topic-forums/67507-ian-tomlinson-police-video.html . It's interesting to look back at that thread now after...
  18. mercmanuk

    Ian 124 works

    needed a set of front springs fitted to my w203,my only day off work is today easter friday,no problem ian turned out at 9 am helped by andy.great service again and very happy with job and price.
  19. NW_Merc

    Thank you to Ian and 124works

    Seeing as my Remus back box arrived, I was at a loose end due to not having the tools or expertise to fit an exhaust back box. I called Ian who quoted me a very reasonable price (I still owe a small amount which will be duly paid btw). Ian and his team spent the best part of 3 hours and the...
  20. Gucci

    Ever thought about becoming the local Ian Beale?!!

    Ok probably not. But since my career is focussed around retail design, advising and proposing retail campaigns to national and international retailers, I wondered what it might be like to own a shop. I did some initial digging and was surprised at some of the figures. Profits are only disclosed...
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