1. A

    IAT's and solutions

    Hello you lovely people, Been away from forum for a while but have a question for you 55K Guru's. I went to MSL on the weekend and had few of the cars from our convoy Dyno'd by JJ. Made some good numbers and 1 of the E55 was showing 53 on IAT's and apparently it shouldnt go above 70ish I came...
  2. andy27168

    55K Engine, What is the correct IAT

    Hi, Recently after talking to a fellow forum member at TRAX regarding monitoring IATs, I bought myself a Bluetooth plug-in device and downloaded the torque app. Well I got round to monitoring the intake temps and after a few good hard runs, my intake temp was 110c though it did return very...
  3. jerry270ML

    C32 AMG IAT high value

    Hello I want to ask you guys what could be the cause of a 90 Celsius ( IAT ) ? I m getting intermittent power loss on high acceleration and high speed ( the supercharger is cut off) for few moments. I press the pedal and car doesn't accelerate anymore . After i checked today the IAT...
  4. E

    w203 running bad

    Hi, my brothers 51 plate c180 advantguard 2.0 manual isnt running very well, sometimes revs fluctuate at idle and he says its stalled twice on full steering lock, got 3 codes on a cheap reader, p010x, p011x and p030x i think 1 is maf, which he unplugged to check last week, another a miss...
  5. JonathanC250

    IAT Sensor, Wire broken

    Hi all, Further to my other post, I have found out what the sensor with the broken wire is, Its the Intake Air Temprature sensor. What does this do, and will driving the car untill the weekend when I can fix it cause any problems? I'm hoping to be able to open the plug up and put some new...
  6. P

    is the Air intake measure with IAT accurate enough ?

    I start to think in my engine where is no MAF sensor, and amount of air is measured by measuring temp of incoming air. I think at low rpm engine is sucking air by himself, and air movement in the intake is slow. As turbo is start to boost air moves faster and it cools the iat sensor. I wonder if...
  7. R


    Where is the air intake temperature sensor on a 2003 Mercedes Benz E220 CDI ?
  8. A

    Pierburg MAF inlet air temp (IAT)?

    Hi, Does the replacement pierburg maf (7.22684.07) mentioned in the "How To" have an IAT sensor like the bosch one? Thanks Adam
  9. M

    IAT Sensor location...

    Anyone able to tell me the location of the IAT (intake air temp) sensor on an A160, also the colour coding of the wires in the connector please. Local MB dealers not very helpful. Thanks in advance...;....
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