1. joe

    IBM T30 + Star Diagnosis Kit

    Bought about 5 years ago and used regularly on friends, family and my own cars. I no longer have a Mercedes Benz so have no use for this. It consists of IBM T30 Laptop with mains lead and car charger IBM T30 docking station, some drivers. Star multiplexer (Chinese version) with cables to...
  2. M

    Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X220 - Core i5, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Windows 7 Pro

    Hi Guys, My laptop is now surplus to requirements as its been replaced so its now for sale. IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Intel Core i5 CPU 2520M 2.5GHz 4GB DDR 3 RAM 160 GB HDD Windows 7 Professional It has warranty with Lenovo till the end of October. Supplied with Charger and an...
  3. Darrell

    IBM laptops on the bay

    A pal of mine brought an IBM laptop over for me in the summer to use for the guests at the bar. Nice and clean in good nick and ideal for surfing the net, it also keeps them at the bar and in turn means they buy a couple beers and a small meze...everyones a winner. Anyways....I hatched a plan...
  4. M

    Anyone got an IBM Thinkpad T23 User Guide?

    I've just bought an IBM Thinkpad T23 laptop to connect via Carsoft 7.4 to a MB Multiplexer for diagnostic work. However it doesn't have an IBM User Guide, either in hard copy or on the hard drive. So I googled and found plenty of sites with the Maintenance Guide, and plenty that said User Guide...
  5. D

    IBM Thinkpad 600 Laptops

    The school where I help out has three working thinkpad 600 laptops they have asked me to sell. All work fine with good screens, additional memory and CD drives. All have chargers and mains leads. Some of the keyboard letters are worn. One of the batteries is accepting a charge but the others are...
  6. GlenQ

    Wanted: IBM Thinkpad T22

    Condition not important as long as it works. Does anyone have one for sale?
  7. M

    Cheap IBM T42 laptop for sale £100 + postage

    Hi All, I have for sale an IBM T42 laptop, it has 1Gb (upgradable to maximum of 2Gb) and a 40Gb hard drive (IDE) comes with a power supply and battery (battery does hold charge for over two hours.) Also comes with Windows XP Pro pre installed. Also has Fingerprint recognition Perfect to load...
  8. R

    STAR System + IBM T30 Laptop

    I had obtained the above for someone who then realised he was short of ££'s at the last minute. All cables in bags, unmarked etc.. The IBM T30 laptop is 2nd hand, but is in full working order. £635.00 ono I'd perfer to hand over in person to demonstrate that it works (!) and would be happy...
  9. M

    FS: IBM X41 laptop + Docking station

    Hi All, I am selling my wifes Laptop due to lack of use (she uses the desktop more than the laptop). It is an Ultra portable IBM X41 it is very light yet has the IBM Robustness. Spec: Pentium M Centrino 1.6 Ghz 60 Gig HDD 512 Mb RAM (expandable to 1.5 Gig) Wifi enabled built in SD Card...
  10. IanT

    IBM Thinkpad T23 or T30 wanted

    Knowing there are a few folks here that work in IT, and that laptops seem to last in corporate fleets for maybe 3-4 years before ending up in the PC graveyard, has anyone got one of these for sale? I'm after either a T30 (preferred) or a T23 laptop, preferably in serviceable condition, but...
  11. merc180k

    IBM Thinkpad T21 & T23 Laptops

    Both laptops for sale. T21 - P3, 750MHZ - comes without hard drive (though can be supplied as extra), no memory (but can again supply if required), tested and works fine. Some surface cosmetic wear and damage but nothing serious, with exception of screen. Screen is cracked but can easily be...
  12. merc180k

    IBM Thinkpad

    Hi All, My ancient laptop (above) has packed in due to my 2 yr old standing on it (when told not to!!). Looking for a cheap replacement - considering a claim on the home insurance but dependant on cost may not bother! Anyone care to share any good deals they have heard so that I can replace...
  13. Flyer

    IBM Deskstar drives

    I know (hope!) you can't get them anymore, but these b&^*($ things are a royal PITA. I've just had two fail on me ... one in my CCTV server; came back from holiday to find the system down and failing to reboot (it has an auto reboot) and this morning, my main dev PC has gone down :( ...
  14. mercmanuk

    Ibm Thinkpad T40

    I'm selling a nice laptop if anyone is interested ibm thinkpad t40 windows xp pro wireless internet built in intel centrino 1.3ghz cpu 760 mb ram 14.1" screen 25 gb hdd cd rom/dvd rom ibm warranty till 17/07/06 this laptop has a case made of titanium very very light,boxed with all...
  15. Alps

    FS: IBM Thinkpad PIII 700mhz

    SOLD: IBM Thinkpad PIII 700mhz SOLD
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